I failed the challenge!!!! :(

Hey guys! Welcome to my blog!

Yes, it is true. I failed the ‘7 day blog post challenge’… I could make up a million excuses but instead, I’m just going to say I’m sorry. I feel kinda bad because I was really excited about writing a blog post yesterday, but I was too busy making shortbread as a thank you present XD

But I promise to make it up to you all and carry on the challenge by posting until Saturday, to make up for not posting yesterday. 🙂

I find now that posting often keeps me going, it’s kind of like an extra boost and gives me something to look forward to when I wake up 🙂

Anyway, again, I apologize! I feel super bad, but I promise to make it up to you all!

Thank you to everyone who have stuck around and read my blog posts! You have no idea how much I appreciate the support, so thank you! 🙂 ❤

See ya!


My Bucket List #4

Hey guys! Welcome to my blog!

Since I’ll be leaving school in 10 days time, I decided to put together a bucket list for me to complete once I’ve left school! It may seem a little early but these are aspirations I hope to one day achieve!

1. Lose enough weight so I can fit into a size 10 🙂

-I would love to lose enough weight to fit into a 10! I’d feel so confident! XD

2. Travel 

-Who doesn’t want to travel? I think my first stop would either be America, Japan or Italy. 

3. Learn another Language

-I did start to learn French and really enjoyed it! I want to finish learning French, so I can then learn another language like Japanese, Korean, Spanish or German.

4. Meet someone

-Of course, we have no idea of what life might throw at us…but I’m sure that one day we will all meet someone. 🙂

5. Family

-This kinda links to meeting someone, but in the future I’d like to start a family of my own 🙂

6. Music

-I’d love to produce my own music. Whether it be on YouTube or with a record company. I want to share my music with the world and connect with people.

7. O2 Arena

-This links to ‘Music’, but my dream is to perform in the O2 Arena, London. Along with performing in other countries!

8. Professional Cookery

– Hopefully in September, I will start my college course in Professional Catering and will learn to prepare dishes from around the world!

9. Earn enough money to buy my parents a place in Spain.

– My mum and dad LOVE Spain. Every since our holiday in 2015, my parents have adored the place XD. They always speak about getting a place in Spain and moving out there XD. So I want to help them get there. 🙂

10. Earn at least 200 followers on my blog

– I really enjoy writing on my blog and hope to some day become inspiration to others. I want to be some one that others can look up to and become inspired by. So I will start today. On the 6th June 2017. I will achieve 200 followers by the 6th June 2018. Lets do this.

What about you? Do you have a bucket list? Ambitions? Let me know in the comment section below! 😀

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! If you did enjoy it, give it a like! XD

Also this is post number #4 in the ‘7 day blog post challenge’! Stick around for post #5!

See ya!

Weight loss friendly foods! #3

Hey guys! Welcome to my blog!

I’ve been working on my weight for a while now, and I am happy to announce that I’ve lost 10 pounds! XD

I’m slowly working toward my goal and It is very visible especially on my stomach and legs 🙂 I’ve never felt so confident about myself and I am extremely determined to keep it going! My prom is in 25 days and I WILL look good. XD

Anyway, in this post, I am going to list to the top weight loss friendly foods you can eat while loosing weight!

1. Whole egg

Image result for eggs

High in protein, healthy fats and can make you feel full with a low amount of calories

2. Greens

Related image

Cucumber, lettuce…it’s mostly water! And  makes you very full.

3. Salmon

Image result for salmon

Loaded with high quality protein, healthy fats, important nutrients and supplies a significant amount of iodine. It’s also a favorite of mine! XD

4. Tuna

Image result for tuna fish cooked

– Low calorie and is high in protein. Low in fat.

5. Beans and Legumes

Image result for beans and legumes

-High in protein and fiber. Good for digestion!

6. Grapefruit

Image result for grapefruit

Very filling, tasty too!

7. Chilli

Image result for chilli

Boosts metabolism, nutrient packed.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! There are more foods that I could add to the list but if I did that, the post would go on forever! If you liked this post, give it a like and I will do a part 2 and will make a list of foods that help you gain weight!

Also this is post #3 of the ‘7 day post challenge’! Stick around guys!

See ya!


Last day of my last half-term #2

Hey guys! Welcome to my blog!

Just as it says in the title, today is my last day of my last half-term…(I’m not sure if that makes sense…)

I’ve made it home from my sister’s flat and I tucked into a lovely hot dog, potato mix and pasta! It was so gooooood. My dad offered me a burger too, so now I’m contemplating whether to accept it or pass it even though I’m extremely full. It just goes to show that my stomach is official a black hole.

Anyway, I go back to school tomorrow and thankfully I don’t have an exam until Tuesday so that’s a relief and! I get study leave!! XD XD XD (BONUS!) But! It’s only set for a few hours during a school day then we have to go back in during the day, and it’s set for certain days which kinda sucks…but I’m grateful!

I’m still really nervous about leaving school though. It’s seems so odd to me because school has become a part of me. And I couldn’t see myself leaving it behind and to never be on it’s premises again!

But I’m sure I’ll cope! I have plans for the future and I’m going to stick to them!

What about you? Do you have plans for the future? Are there any goals your planning to achieve or have achieved?

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! It marks blog post 2# of the ‘ 7 Day Blog Post Challenge’!

I know it’s smaller than the rest of my posts, and I apologize for that! But I promise to write more!

See ya!



My Day Out! #1

Hey guys! Welcome to my blog!

I’ve had such a good day today! I went for a flat viewing with my sister and brother-in-law and It was so quirky! It was small but not too small if you get my meaning? It’s hard to explain but put it this way, it was a lovely place for them to hopefully call home!

We then went to the beach and it was ridiculously hot! I regret wearing jeans because I almost died from the heat. (Not literally XD) (Seriously though, the worst time to get in the car is on a very hot day because as soon as you open that car door, not only will it feel like your eyebrows are being singed off, but you will suddenly find yourself in the Sahara Desert 🙂 )

Anyway, I took my camera with me and got some really good shots! They are so good that I wanted to share them with you 🙂 XD


We were so high up that I felt a little sick. It was a shear drop and I didn’t want to get to close to the edge, even though there were railings…XD)


(Mysterious modelling man= Brother in law)




(Really creepy abandoned police station)


(Windows were either smashed or boarded up and the door was padlocked @_@)


I do have more photos but if I were to upload them, this post would be never ending XD

I really hope you guys enjoyed this post, I know it’s kinda short but I promise to write another tomorrow! I gotta complete the ‘7 day post challenge’ XD

Let me know what you think of my photos! Criticism is accepted!

See ya!

( For those who are new to my blog, the #1 in the post title means its the start of my challenge. To find out more about my challenge, check out my post about it! 🙂 )


7 Day Post Challenge!

Why hello there, welcome to my blog!

I’m in such a good mood today! I was up at around 8 which is a BIG achievement for me because I’m usually in bed, asleep until about 11-12. And I also took a trip to the shops with my sister where we bought some stuff which I can’t remember :).

Mini story time 🙂

Not only that, but at the shop, me and my sister were pulling faces at each other while she was at the self-check out and I was walking down the aisle towards her. And there was a guy in between us who was also at a self-check out. You can kinda guess what happened XD My sister wiggled her eyebrows at me and I did it back right as the guy. turned. towards. me. He just stared at me, thinking I did it to him! There I was, feeling really awkward and trying incredibly hard not to laugh while being stared out by this guy and then there’s my sister behind him laughing her head off! Best. Shopping trip. Ever.

Anyway, I’ve lost the plot of this post…Oh yeah! The challenge! DUH DUH DUHHH!

Nah, it’s not that bad. 🙂

I was recently tagged in a post by BeautyLabs93  where I have been nominated to take part in her challenge called the ‘7 Day Post Challenge!’. I’m quite excited about this one because I really enjoy writing posts so this should be a breeze!

So, the whole point of the challenge is once your nominated, you have to write a blog post every day for 7 days. Simple right? Of course!

Are there any rules? Nope! Just Have fun and don’t forget to tag another blogger to pass it on! I nominate heyhunnyy!

So! BeautyLabs93! I accept thy challenge! Thoust is worthy! XD

See ya!


14 days to go…

Hey guys! Welcome to my blog!

It is official. I now have. 15 days left. Until. I. Leave. School…….. I DON’T THINK I’M READY!!!

It’s a big step I’m going to take and I know for a fact that I am going to be reallllly emotional XD Just to think, a few months ago I was saying about how I can’t wait to leave and now that it’s finally here, I don’t wanna go! I think it’s because I’m so use to the idea of wearing my uniform, seeing my friends, teachers and travelling to and from school on the same bus taking the same route I could walk blindfolded….I’m gonna miss it.

Last week, we had a leavers evening where we had a shirt signing event with the whole of year 11. Everyone wrote on each others shirts with encouraging messages as memorabilia of being at school. I was a little upset because there were a few people I didn’t get to say goodbye to, but hopefully I’ll see them some day 🙂


( From left to right: Me, Charn, Lizzy and Jess)

I want to wish everyone who has or is leaving school a massive good luck and well done! I hope you do your very best and enjoy life to the fullest! Lots of love!

Good luck!

See ya!



Thunder and Lightning (GIFS Contain flashing images)

Hey guys! Welcome to my blog!

Summer is finally here and it sure is hot! One of my favorite things about Summer, is the fashion and how most nights you spend on a beach or in your back garden enjoying a BBQ with the ones you care about. But what I love most is the weather. Not just the warmth and sunshine… What I love are the thunder storms!

During the season of Summer, thunder storms are a lot more frequent and scary, making them a lot more exciting! When ever there’s word of a thunder storm coming our way, me and my family will get really excited about it and watch it. No matter what time it is XD. It’s so interesting to watch and is really thrilling!

Image result for thunder storm gif

Especially when your about to sleep and you can hear the thunder, rain and see the flashing of the lightning through your bedroom window. It’s sooo relaxing.

I recently downloaded an app on my phone called Blitzortung Lightning Monitor. It’s really useful! Especially when your a fellow storm lover like me and want to know when the next storm comes around.

Image result for Blitzortung app

(See the squares? They represent the storm. The white squares represent the direction and the beginning of a new strike. To put it simply: White=New strikes Red= Old strikes)

I love to look at the app because it allows you to see other parts of the world too and see what storm is brewing near them! They also have a website you can go on phone or laptop. You can check it out here.

Recently we had a massive storm that was heading our way and was coming from France. Me and my sister were watching it slowly travel across the sea towards us and were getting so excited about it XD. We literally monitored its every move and when it arrived, it turned nasty. I was up until 2am listening to the storm but I couldn’t of cared less! I’m just glad I didn’t have school the next day otherwise I would of missed the storm! XD

A dream of mine, is to go to America and storm chase! I’d love to see a tornado live and in action! I have done since I was a kid! XD

Image result for tornado gif

What about you? Are you a lover of storms? Let me know! 🙂

See ya!


Life of a K-pop fan.

Greetings! Welcome to my blog!

Being a K-pop fan is a blessing. There’s no doubt about that! You have different groups to support with so much talent to offer, incredibly good looking people to bias, debuts and so much MERCHANDISE. In some way’s it’s almost like a dream where you can’t see yourself with out it.

But then, it is sometimes a nightmare. Fan wars, scandals, disbandment’s… it can be difficult at times.

So today I am writing a post about ‘Life of a K-pop fan’, because I’m sure quite a few people can agree with me with some of the things I list, and I also want soon-to-be K-pop fans to know what it’s like to be a fan in the K-pop community.

1- Fan Wars

Fan war’s often occur. Especially after an award ceremony or a debut. Why do they happen? I’m not really sure. But what I do know is that sometimes it will be over a debut where a group has a similar concept or choreography to another group. When your fandom gets caught up in a fan war, hold on to your heads! There are even times when it get’s extremely nasty. When I say nasty, I mean involving the dead. Yeah. You read that correctly. Here’s an example:

Image result for kpop fan wars

This was shortly after the leaving of Zayn from 1D and the death of EunB (R.I.P angel) ‘Sad’ doesn’t even begin to describe.


2- Scandals

When your bias or bias group are caught up in a scandal, it gets pretty intense. No one knows the truth, but all you can do is pray and believe that it’s not true! Some scandals can even ruin an idol’s career! That’s how bad they are!

3- Disbandments

I know what it’s like to have a group you love disband. And let me tell you this…it isn’t nice. Especially when it’s the group that got you into K-pop in the first place. But you have to remember, it’s probably for the good and all good things have an end.

4- Most thing’s remind you of K-pop.

No matter where I go, there will always be something that reminds me of K-pop. For example: When I was in science, we were learning about the meanings of endothermic and exothermic…(you already know where I’m going with this XD)

When I think of Exothermic, I think of:

Image result for exo

Exothermic- gives off heat… how does that relate to EXO? Not only the name but when I think of EXO, I associate them as ‘Hot’. Therefore giving off heat. Thank you EXO for getting me a passing grade in Science XD

Other People:

Image result for bigbang theory







K-pop fans=  Image result for bigbang








Other people:  lorry







K-pop fans:BTS background.jpg







See what I mean?

5- Merchandise

When you start getting into the community, you notice that there is merchandise you can can purchase. But BEWARE! Once you buy merchandise, you can not stop! When it’s there, you want it. You want to show your support for your idols. But seriously. Be careful XD

Image result for 2ne1 light stick

6- Concerts

By god. When your bias is having a concert near you, it’s like a gift from god. But CAUTION. If you want tickets, get them as soon as they are available because 9 times out of ten, they sell out with minutes. That’s how popular K-pop really is.

Image result for kpop concertImage result for kpop concertImage result for kpop concert

Trust me, K-pop concerts are SO worth it! The vibe you get is indescribable! If there was a word that had the meaning of amazing, extraordinary and inspiring, I would use it to describe the vibe XD

7- Non-K-pop fans

Sometimes non-K-pop fan’s don’t understand. They either disrespect you for liking another culture, tease you for listening to something that’s different and over react. By that, I mean racism. I often get it for liking K-pop, but you know what? I couldn’t care less about what others think. If I want to listen to K-pop then I will. I don’t need others input about what I can and can’t like. And you shouldn’t worry either 🙂

8- Meeting your bias

THERE IS NOT A WORD TO DESCRIBE THIS FEELING. There really isn’t. When you meet your bias…..you die a little inside because it doesn’t seem real. It’s something you dream about and fantasize. You practice how you will act, but then when the time comes, your mind goes blank and you just don’t know what to do!

Image result for fan service kpop

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and can sorta relate XD. Please don’t feel ashamed for liking something that’s different. Your only being culturally diverse and that means a lot. It’s also what makes you, YOU! So enjoy it!~

See ya!


SISTAR Disbandment

Hey guys! Welcome to my blog!

This is the 2nd group disbandment post I have written this week, and at the moment I am praying I don’t have to write another for the rest of the year 😥

I’m not sure if you guys have heard, but it is indeed true that SISTAR are disbanding and I am so sad about it. SISTAR was one of the first K-POP girl groups I ever got into and I can’t believe that they are splitting!

After 7 long years they have decided to split, and will be releasing their last album on the 31st May. As a farewell, each member has written a personalised letter to STAR1’s.


To the STAR1s that have always loved and supported SISTAR.
Hello, it’s SISTAR’s leader Hyorin. It’s already been 7 years since SISTAR debuted. The time I spent as SISTAR’s Hyorin along with SISTAR and my fans was a precious time that I wouldn’t change for anything else. They were like a dream. Now, the SISTAR members will be going our own ways for our 2nd life. I want to sincerely thank our fans that let us know how happy and lucky we were to sing, to go on stage, to be loved, and to love others. We are putting behind a big sadness and supporting each other’s dreams, and will be working our best to grow in our own areas. The members and STAR1, who I love, will remain forever in my heart. STAR1 are precious and have always given me abundant love and strength even though I was lacking. Thank you with all my heart. I love you..


STAR1, hello, it’s SISTAR’s Bora.

I told fans every year that we should be happy, and I hope that you were all happy for the seven years you spent with us. The time that I spent with STAR1 and SISTAR members was happy and precious. I think that I couldn’t show my sincerity to as much as people as I tried to, and my disappointment at not being able to do the best for you as SISTAR gets bigger. When fans told me they got strength from my brightness, I got stronger. I won’t forget that and keep getting stronger.

Even as I write this, I have so many memories. Now, the members have agreed to support our own road. But it’s not that we won’t get to see you again, so I’ll work to be a good Yoon Bo Ra from now on. All the STAR1 that loved SISTAR and Bora, I was thankful and happy you were with us. Let’s keep being happy. I love you ^^


It’s already been 7 years. I think I was happier during happy times and had it better during hard times because of the members and STAR1 that were always next to me. When I look back, I’m sad and sorry that I couldn’t spend that much time with our fans. No matter what stage I stand on from now on, I won’t ever forget this feeling I have for the members and our fans. I love you, I’m sorry, and thank you. I’ll let you hear good music. Let’s all be happy until the last moment.


Hello everyone, it’s Dasom. It’s been a while.
I have a lot I want to tell you, but I’m worried about what to start with.
It’s been 7 years since SISTAR debuted. I want to first thank everyone who have always supported us and loved us during this long period.
I think I was able to happily finish the 7 years with you, when it could have been hard. And it was also motivation for all of us to grow.
It’s very sad, but SISTAR has decided to go our separate ways after this album is finished. We received so much love as SISTAR, and we want to give it back bit by bit by ourselves from now on. I will try to communicate more with fans from now on. Please support us. Thank you.

I really hope that the girls do well in the paths they have chosen. And I hope they find happiness in the decisions they will make from now on. Their talents will not be forgotten and I wish them luck!

Good luck Girls!

Image result for sistar

See ya!

You can check out SISTAR’S ‘GOODBYE’ clip here.