Koi Footwear Review

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Growing up, I was never really into makeup and shoes… I was more interested in Art and Music. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve started to really get into the art of makeup and my love for shoes is.. indescribable! XD I mean, If you were to tell me that there was a sale, I’d be there in 2 seconds flat XD

As my interest grows, I find myself often intrigued by the shoes that are advertised by companies on Facebook and Instagram… Koi Footwear being one of them.

I’ve ordered from this company before and haven’t really had any complaints. The only thing I found was when ordering heels, it’s best to go a size down as one’s I had ordered before in my size were too big.

Anyway, A gorgeous pair of shoes were on sale with Koi Footwear and my goodness… I just had to have them! They are these 4 inch high, vibrant colored, abstract patterned heels that were £30 knocked down to £12 as they were on sale.

I placed my order for the shoes on the morning of boxing day. After ordering I got a confirmation email and a tracking number. I was notified that they will be delivered within 5 working days.. I ordered on the 26th and got them on the 30th.. just in time for NEW YEARS!

No words can describe how beautiful these shoes are!


Honestly, the photo just doesn’t do it justice.

I’ve just had a check on the site and these shoes are still on sale at £15, knocked down from £30 , they also come in grey 😀

I’ve had a good experience with Koi Footwear and would recommend to anyone looking to buy a pair of well-made, gorgeous shoes!

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A Guide To Tidying Your Bedroom!

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You know when you have to tidy your room but have no clue where to start?…

Story of my life! XD

I always always ALWAYS have trouble with tidying my room and quite frankly, I never have the motivation for it because in my mind it’s a grueling chore, that’s going to take ages, and to top it off? I don’t know where to start!

But have no fear! For I am here to share my great, powerful wisdom of bedroom tidying! (You can thank me later XD )

So! Lets get started!


Sounds simple enough right? Of course it is! Just grab some paper and a pen and do yourself a checklist!

I don’t know about you, but for me, checklist’s make everything seem easier and puts things into perspective. I also find it incredibly satisfying when I complete a task and get to check it off the list!!! That’s one less thing to do and I’m one step closer to finishing!


Some may disagree with this because both can be seen as a distraction or can bring you away from what your supposed to be doing… but as long as your not just sitting there doing nothing, what’s the harm of it? If anything, It’s nice to have something going on in the back ground so then I’m not tidying in complete silence XD  Also that way, I can rock out to some awesome tunes while hoovering or listen to one of my favorite stand-up comedians XD


This isn’t a must-do, but you’ll feel a lot more comfortable. Especially with all the moving around your gonna do! Keep in mind, you may also break a sweat and if your wearing tight jeans and a shirt, it may get a bit uncomfortable.


The first thing to do is to pick the less hassle tasks first. So, an example: MAKE YOUR BED. Its simple, easy and done within 2 minutes… then boom! You’ve completed your first task! CONGRATS! 😀

Next, you’ll choose another simple task… like taking down glasses, plates etc… or throwing away any rubbish you may have lying about.

Then, you get to work on picking up all the clothing you have lying about. Folding all the clean clothing in a pile on your bed and putting all the dirty clothing in your dirty clothing hamper. Or if you don’t have a hamper, a bin bag would do just fine.

Once you’ve separated the clean from dirty, you can then escort your dirties to the washing machine and put away the cleans in their designated draw or wardrobe.

At this point, you should be able to see your floor and can now move on to decluttering any shelves, windowsills or desks.

When I start to declutter my shelves, windowsill and desk , I go through all my things and will throw away items I feel I don’t need anymore or no longer have value to me. At first, I found it very hard to part with most of my belongings as I have a tendency to keep everything I own because I feel it means a lot, or might come in handy later..

But this behaviour is a big NO-NO! To get over this, I followed Marie Kondo. She has a technique where you hold the item in your hands and you ask yourself, “Does this bring me joy?” If the answer is yes, then you keep it, if its no, then you chuck it. If you have to think about it for a long time, the answer is probably no… So get on it!


If you’ve gotten this far, then WELL DONE! I’M SUPER PROUD OF YOU! 😀

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My Top Favorite Horror Movies!

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Imagine it’s a Friday night and your in the mood for watching a good horror… but the problem is, you don’t know any good horrors!

So you start searching the internet for recommendations and come across this amazing, super-fantastic blog! XD

I’m joking of course!.. Anyway! Here are my favorite horror movies!! Enjoy~

  • INSIDIOUS, Chapter 2, 3, 4

If you love jump scares, this is definitely something to consider! These movies are a must watch! They each have their own individual story line and yet they all still link to one another.. much like the Paranormal Activity franchise. The story begins with a young boy that is forcefully put into a coma by a demonic entity. It’s then up to paranormal investigators and his parents to work together to bring him back while being simultaneously haunted by the entity.


  • IT: Chapter 1\2

If your a lover of gore and jump scares then these you’ve got to see! As you’ve probably already guessed, these are a reboot of the original Stephen King’s IT played by actor Tim Curry. Instead the new Pennywise, played by actor Bill Skarsgård, is back and fiercer than ever in the new 2017-19 remakes.


Again if your a lover of jump scares, this movie is a must watch! Based in England, a family seek professional help after one of the children is possessed by a demonic entity…


This is by far one of the best zombie films I have ever seen. This Korean horror is action-packed and full of guts and gore and most importantly… lots and lots of fast, running zombies!! I one hundred percent recommend this movie to anyone looking for an awesome horror, it has to be one of my favorites!!!


The Quarantine movies are great for those looking for a good scare! With equal amounts of gore, the first movie takes place in an apartment building where a camera crew set off with the fire brigade to investigate a 911 call for an old lady on the top floor… With lots of biting and foaming at the mouth, this movie is sure to get your heart racing. The second movie Quarantine: Terminal is as you guessed, based at the terminal of Las Vegas where a plane carrying many passengers makes an emergency stop due to a foaming mouthed victim.. only for them to then be trapped in the terminal and fighting to survive..

And that’s all for now! I really appreciate you for reading this post and please let me know in the comments below or give this a like if you enjoyed it, or have any recommendations of your own! Also feel free to share!

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Facing my fear and doing what I love… My very first cover song upload.

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Ever since I was young I loved to sing. Whether it be in the car or in my room, or in the shower.. I would always sing a song or two. In primary school, I was always part of the school choir! Every assembly we would have in the morning I would look forward to the hymns because I saw it as a chance to express myself.

I also adored participating in musical theatre! And when I got the chance to sing a solo in a school play when I was 11, I was so happy! It was like a dream come true for me. Doing this gave me a lot of confidence.

But as I got older, I started to lose my confidence in singing in front of people. There was no particular reason behind it, it was just that I had started to understand how society worked and became timid…

But there were people I knew from school who were comfortable singing in front of others. They would post uploads of them singing on social media! They had so much confidence and soundt so good that it made me a little sad because I wanted to be like that. I wanted the confidence to be able to share what I could do too.

So I started working on it.

I began to sing in the privacy of my own home. I’d sing when no one was home so I wouldn’t have to face the embarrassment XD

And then one day, I thought..

You know what? Who cares. Who cares if others don’t like it? They don’t have to listen. No matter what I do, I can’t please everyone. Some will like it, some will hate it and that’s just the way it is.

So here it is. My very first cover song upload! I hope you guys enjoy it, and I apologize for the bad quality! Thank you X


My workout tunes!

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When you workout you just got to have some good tunes to listen to. Makes the time role by faster AND makes a great opportunity for a solo concert featuring you. XD

Everyone has their own music preference when working out and that is totally fine! I tend to lean towards the songs with that killer beat that I can walk to. But if it has a SUPER killer beat, then I strut. I sissy that walk. XD


Anyway, here is my workout playlist! Enjoy 🙂












Love you lovelies!! X


Inspiration, Determination, You Can Do It. I Know You Can.

Hey guys!

Do you have a dream you wish to fulfill? or a bucket list that needs completing? Or maybe you have that one task you keep putting off?

We all do! But what some of us don’t realize is that our life is based on time. We have a time limit on everything we do like : cooking, cleaning, working etc.. It’s as if our entire life is a great, big clock, ticking the seconds, minutes, hours, days away and we can’t do anything about it. That’s why people need to wake up and realize that they are on a time limit and need to make the most of it. No one lives forever so we are going to have to accept that fact and carry on with life. So if you keep telling yourself “I’ll do it tomorrow”, there’s a 75% chance you won’t actually do it.

Daunting don’t you think?

That’s why I decided to write this post. I’ve been taking time for granted far too long and I don’t want others to make the same mistake. I’ve been trying to lose weight for 6 years… that’s quite a long time. I’d try different diets, exercise routines.. you name it. But all of them failed miserably. My will power isn’t that great and I can lose motivation pretty quickly. Terrible I know XD. I’d start a diet or routine and within a week or two, I’m on auto-pilot and straight back to how I was before. And I’d get so disheartened and disappointed with myself that I’d think, “What’s the point?”.

But this year, I started exercising and dieting in April, and so far, I’ve lost over a stone! I’m quite proud of myself for getting back into it and not getting into the habit of “I’ll do it tomorrow”. Because you can’t get back the time you waste. You have to make the most of it.

Grab life by the horns and take control! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!

I hope you enjoyed this post and have gotten some inspiration from it XD. I wish you luck for your future goals and hope you achieve greatness!<3

Love you lovelies! X

Take Me Around The World!

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Every one has dreams. Some big, some small. Some are living their dream this very moment and some are just getting started. Me? I’m not living the dream just yet. Hopefully I will soon.

If you were to ask someone what their dream was, most of the time they would say:

“My dream is to travel the world!”

“My dream is to earn lots of money!”

“My dream is to meet the one!”

It’s not bad to have a common dream. I have a lot of dreams to be fair. Two of them I’ve already mentioned. But an important dream for me would be to travel the world, simply because I’ve spent most of my life in one place. I want to experience. I want to have memories I can look back on and say “I did that” instead of ” I wish I did that”.

I want to meet new people, I want to learn about cultures, I want to learn different languages. I want to do so much in so little time. So why not start now?

In August, I will be going to Brittany, France. And there, I will start my journey.  A while back I bought a map that you could scratch away the surface to reveal a colorful underside!

Related image

It’s a good way to keep up-to-date with all the places you have been to and plan to go!

The following countries I plan to visit first of all are:

  • Germany
  • Spain
  • Italy
  • Ireland
  • Poland
  • Norway
  • Denmark
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland

I plan to start with the countries closer to home and then over time, begin to spread out to other places XD

What about you? Do you have a dream?

I hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it! I’ll be back to post again soon! In the mean time, if you enjoyed this post, give it a like and let me know in the comments below!

Love you lovelies!




How to make an origami flower!

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A little while ago, I posted a blog post on my art project, and for my project I made flowers! So in this post, I’m going to do a tutorial on ‘How to make an origami flower’!


  • PVA Glue/Glue stick
  • Acrylic paint
  • paper
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • paint brush
  • scissors


Step 1

Using your ruler and pencil, measure out five squares that are 5cm by 5cm.


Step 2

Then cut out your square’s using your scissors, and paint one side of each square then allow to dry for 10 minutes. Once dried, paint the other side of each square then allow to dry for a further 10 minutes.


Step 3

Once your square’s are dried, take one square and fold it diagonally.


Step 4

Then take the bottom right corner and fold up toward the top corner.


Then repeat with the left corner.


Step 5

Then take one flap and fold it on itself.


Repeat with the other flap.


Step 6

Then take the tips of the flaps and fold them back.


Step 7

Using the PVA glue/glue stick, apply a thin layer of glue on the scribbled parts of the paper.


Step 8

Stick the two sides together and allow it to dry for 15-20 minutes. Repeat the entire process for the rest of the paper squares. If your having trouble keeping the sides together, use a peg to hold them so they can dry. They should look like mini petals like this:


Step 9

Once all the petals have dried, begin to glue them by their sides one by one.


Until you have a complete flower!!


(Bare in mind, there may be some dry glue. But not to worry! By using tweezers, you can detach it from your masterpiece! 🙂 )

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Let me know your results in the comments below! XD

See ya!





My Love For Space

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Do you ever just look up in the sky and wonder what’s really out there? Or admire the many shades of day and night? Or maybe you gaze in the depths of the night sky and find you are taken back by all the stars and the glorious moon that shines so beautifully in the dark, like a masterpiece in a studio of worlds wonders, that you feel at peace. Like nothing in the entire world is going to tear your mind away from the beauty you feel within yourself at that moment. 

During this moment, you forget about all of life’s problems and you connect with your inner self and find inner peace. Your worries cascading away….. You would look forever if you could.

I don’t think I’ve ever been able to describe that feeling before. It truly is an amazing experience and I always feel so at peace. Do you ever feel the same?

I always wonder what’s really out there. All the planets we have yet to find. All the possibilities and wonders of the universe we have yet to discover…. It’s all such a mystery… Who knows! Maybe there is life on Mars?

On a clear night sky, I take my telescope out into the garden where I can get the most perfect view of the moon and I can be out there for hours. Whether it be the moon or the star’s my telescope has never failed me! And luckily enough, I was able to photograph the moon through my telescope lens!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I apologize for the photos.. they were the only one’s I could find at this moment in time, but I do have more! XD

If you liked this post please give it a like and stick around because I got so much more lined upppp! Before I go, I have a question for you…

Do you think there is life on Mars?

Let me know in the comment section below!

Love you lovelies! X

Guess who’s back!

Hey everyone and welcome back to my blog!

It’s been such a long time since I last posted… time sure does fly! I’ve just been so caught up with life that I never really had the time or correct frame of mind to update! It was either good old writers block or just not really having the time so I do apologize for leaving it so late!

It’s been almost 8 months since I was last active and can honestly say that the break did me a favor… So now I have returned with a fresh mind set and I’m ready to start posting again from here on!

I’m going to make this post rather short so again…sorry! But I guarantee you’ll here from me again very soon!

Love you lovelies! X