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Life of a K-pop fan.

Greetings! Welcome to my blog!

Being a K-pop fan is a blessing. There’s no doubt about that! You have different groups to support with so much talent to offer, incredibly good looking people to bias, debuts and so much MERCHANDISE. In some way’s it’s almost like a dream where you can’t see yourself with out it.

But then, it is sometimes a nightmare. Fan wars, scandals, disbandment’s… it can be difficult at times.

So today I am writing a post about ‘Life of a K-pop fan’, because I’m sure quite a few people can agree with me with some of the things I list, and I also want soon-to-be K-pop fans to know what it’s like to be a fan in the K-pop community.

1- Fan Wars

Fan war’s often occur. Especially after an award ceremony or a debut. Why do they happen? I’m not really sure. But what I do know is that sometimes it will be over a debut where a group has a similar concept or choreography to another group. When your fandom gets caught up in a fan war, hold on to your heads! There are even times when it get’s extremely nasty. When I say nasty, I mean involving the dead. Yeah. You read that correctly. Here’s an example:

Image result for kpop fan wars

This was shortly after the leaving of Zayn from 1D and the death of EunB (R.I.P angel) ‘Sad’ doesn’t even begin to describe.


2- Scandals

When your bias or bias group are caught up in a scandal, it gets pretty intense. No one knows the truth, but all you can do is pray and believe that it’s not true! Some scandals can even ruin an idol’s career! That’s how bad they are!

3- Disbandments

I know what it’s like to have a group you love disband. And let me tell you this…it isn’t nice. Especially when it’s the group that got you into K-pop in the first place. But you have to remember, it’s probably for the good and all good things have an end.

4- Most thing’s remind you of K-pop.

No matter where I go, there will always be something that reminds me of K-pop. For example: When I was in science, we were learning about the meanings of endothermic and exothermic…(you already know where I’m going with this XD)

When I think of Exothermic, I think of:

Image result for exo

Exothermic- gives off heat… how does that relate to EXO? Not only the name but when I think of EXO, I associate them as ‘Hot’. Therefore giving off heat. Thank you EXO for getting me a passing grade in Science XD

Other People:

Image result for bigbang theory







K-pop fans=  Image result for bigbang








Other people:  lorry







K-pop fans:BTS background.jpg







See what I mean?

5- Merchandise

When you start getting into the community, you notice that there is merchandise you can can purchase. But BEWARE! Once you buy merchandise, you can not stop! When it’s there, you want it. You want to show your support for your idols. But seriously. Be careful XD

Image result for 2ne1 light stick

6- Concerts

By god. When your bias is having a concert near you, it’s like a gift from god. But CAUTION. If you want tickets, get them as soon as they are available because 9 times out of ten, they sell out with minutes. That’s how popular K-pop really is.

Image result for kpop concertImage result for kpop concertImage result for kpop concert

Trust me, K-pop concerts are SO worth it! The vibe you get is indescribable! If there was a word that had the meaning of amazing, extraordinary and inspiring, I would use it to describe the vibe XD

7- Non-K-pop fans

Sometimes non-K-pop fan’s don’t understand. They either disrespect you for liking another culture, tease you for listening to something that’s different and over react. By that, I mean racism. I often get it for liking K-pop, but you know what? I couldn’t care less about what others think. If I want to listen to K-pop then I will. I don’t need others input about what I can and can’t like. And you shouldn’t worry either 🙂

8- Meeting your bias

THERE IS NOT A WORD TO DESCRIBE THIS FEELING. There really isn’t. When you meet your bias…..you die a little inside because it doesn’t seem real. It’s something you dream about and fantasize. You practice how you will act, but then when the time comes, your mind goes blank and you just don’t know what to do!

Image result for fan service kpop

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and can sorta relate XD. Please don’t feel ashamed for liking something that’s different. Your only being culturally diverse and that means a lot. It’s also what makes you, YOU! So enjoy it!~

See ya!