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Hey guys, welcome to my blog.

Today is such an upsetting, shocking day for so many.. For the kpop community, for Shawols, for blingers..

It’s truly heartbreaking. And I’m still in shock. When I first heard of his passing, It was earlier today, on facebook. At first I was a bit taken back. And then I started praying it was a hoax. Until another post showed, and another and another until I saw that his sister had confirmed it and K-pop idols started paying their respects on social media.


It’s really hard to believe he’s passed! I’m sitting in my room, with ‘Replay’ on repeat while I type this out and it’s hard to do through teary eyes!

My thoughts, prayers, condolences, go out to Jonghyun, his family and friends.

Rest In Peace JONGHYUN ❤




My favorite INFINITE songs!

Hey guys! Welcome to my blog!

In regard’s to Hoya leaving INFINITE, I have decided to put together some of my favorite song’s of their’s that I absolutely love!



“BTD” (Before The Dawn)

“The Chaser”



…Honestly, there are many more I want to include in this post, but I know it will take a while XD. Either way, I am very upset that Hoya has left INFINITE. I remember when they came to London. They were the very first K-pop group I saw live. And I remember when they were going through the introduction at the concert and a guy in front of me started jumping up and down during Dongwoo’s talk and all the members noticed him. Thing is, when the guy was noticed, he ducked down in embarrassment leaving me in full view. Everyone, including INFINITE, were staring at me..I died a happy girl that night. XD

I hope that Hoya and INFINITE do well and I wish them all luck for the journey ahead!

See ya!


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My top 5 feel good songs to listen to when feeling down!

Hey guys! Welcome to my blog!

Everyone needs a pick-me-up when they feel I’ve put together some tunes that I listen to when I feel down. They’ve worked wonders for me. I hope they do for you too.


Shakira- Try Everything

Maroon 5- Sugar

K.A.R.D- Don’t Recall (Hidden version)

XIA- Incredible (Feat Quincy)

VIXX- Rock Ur Body

(Song starts at 0:47)

See ya!

R.I.P Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington

Dear Lord, Please welcome him with open arms…”

I’m sure you’ve all heard the tragic news about Chester Bennington. And I’m afraid to say it’s all true. The famous singer has died and I have to say, I am actually in distraught. I grew up listening to Linkin Park and knowing that he’s dead is…..awful.

Authorities say that Chester took his own life this morning and was found in his private residence at around 9am.

I’m finding it really hard to believe that this has actually happened. But it has. And there is nothing we can do about it, except celebrate his life and music. He will not be forgotten and neither will his music.

My sincere condolences to his family, friends and fellow fans. This is truly heartbreaking.

“May you rest in peace Chester. Sleep well.”




Hey guys! Welcome to my blog!

I have no words…



I am immensely excited about this and I’m sure you guys are too!!

This, of course is a big thing because G-dragon let alone BIGBANG, haven’t had a concert in Europe since 2012. Which was a good 5 years ago, also the year that I got into K-pop so I completely missed BIGBANG’S Alive Tour….But now is the chance! It may not be all the BIGBANG members, but it’s still very much worth it. I mean, it’s GD! Who wouldn’t want to miss that!!!!


Ya see? It’s actually happening! As far as I know, it’s on every site and G-dragon’s official page has posted it on Facebook. You can check out GD’s post here.

Another thing is GD is having TWO SHOWS IN THE UK. TWO.

You can view the tickets here. They go on sale on Friday 30th June…this week…XD

(Funny, they go on sale the same day as my prom! XD)

The dates for the UK are:

  • Saturday 23rd September/ Genting Arena, Birmingham
  • Sunday 24th September/ The SSE Arena Wembley, London

Also for those who are looking for dates/places in America:

Image result for GD world tour dates america 2017

Make sure you check this out because I can guarantee that the tickets will go VERY fast! Also be sure to keep up-to-date! And share this post for other GD fans! I hope to see a lot of you there!

See ya!


Life of a K-pop fan.

Greetings! Welcome to my blog!

Being a K-pop fan is a blessing. There’s no doubt about that! You have different groups to support with so much talent to offer, incredibly good looking people to bias, debuts and so much MERCHANDISE. In some way’s it’s almost like a dream where you can’t see yourself with out it.

But then, it is sometimes a nightmare. Fan wars, scandals, disbandment’s… it can be difficult at times.

So today I am writing a post about ‘Life of a K-pop fan’, because I’m sure quite a few people can agree with me with some of the things I list, and I also want soon-to-be K-pop fans to know what it’s like to be a fan in the K-pop community.

1- Fan Wars

Fan war’s often occur. Especially after an award ceremony or a debut. Why do they happen? I’m not really sure. But what I do know is that sometimes it will be over a debut where a group has a similar concept or choreography to another group. When your fandom gets caught up in a fan war, hold on to your heads! There are even times when it get’s extremely nasty. When I say nasty, I mean involving the dead. Yeah. You read that correctly. Here’s an example:

Image result for kpop fan wars

This was shortly after the leaving of Zayn from 1D and the death of EunB (R.I.P angel) ‘Sad’ doesn’t even begin to describe.


2- Scandals

When your bias or bias group are caught up in a scandal, it gets pretty intense. No one knows the truth, but all you can do is pray and believe that it’s not true! Some scandals can even ruin an idol’s career! That’s how bad they are!

3- Disbandments

I know what it’s like to have a group you love disband. And let me tell you this…it isn’t nice. Especially when it’s the group that got you into K-pop in the first place. But you have to remember, it’s probably for the good and all good things have an end.

4- Most thing’s remind you of K-pop.

No matter where I go, there will always be something that reminds me of K-pop. For example: When I was in science, we were learning about the meanings of endothermic and exothermic…(you already know where I’m going with this XD)

When I think of Exothermic, I think of:

Image result for exo

Exothermic- gives off heat… how does that relate to EXO? Not only the name but when I think of EXO, I associate them as ‘Hot’. Therefore giving off heat. Thank you EXO for getting me a passing grade in Science XD

Other People:

Image result for bigbang theory







K-pop fans=  Image result for bigbang








Other people:  lorry







K-pop fans:BTS background.jpg







See what I mean?

5- Merchandise

When you start getting into the community, you notice that there is merchandise you can can purchase. But BEWARE! Once you buy merchandise, you can not stop! When it’s there, you want it. You want to show your support for your idols. But seriously. Be careful XD

Image result for 2ne1 light stick

6- Concerts

By god. When your bias is having a concert near you, it’s like a gift from god. But CAUTION. If you want tickets, get them as soon as they are available because 9 times out of ten, they sell out with minutes. That’s how popular K-pop really is.

Image result for kpop concertImage result for kpop concertImage result for kpop concert

Trust me, K-pop concerts are SO worth it! The vibe you get is indescribable! If there was a word that had the meaning of amazing, extraordinary and inspiring, I would use it to describe the vibe XD

7- Non-K-pop fans

Sometimes non-K-pop fan’s don’t understand. They either disrespect you for liking another culture, tease you for listening to something that’s different and over react. By that, I mean racism. I often get it for liking K-pop, but you know what? I couldn’t care less about what others think. If I want to listen to K-pop then I will. I don’t need others input about what I can and can’t like. And you shouldn’t worry either 🙂

8- Meeting your bias

THERE IS NOT A WORD TO DESCRIBE THIS FEELING. There really isn’t. When you meet your bias… die a little inside because it doesn’t seem real. It’s something you dream about and fantasize. You practice how you will act, but then when the time comes, your mind goes blank and you just don’t know what to do!

Image result for fan service kpop

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and can sorta relate XD. Please don’t feel ashamed for liking something that’s different. Your only being culturally diverse and that means a lot. It’s also what makes you, YOU! So enjoy it!~

See ya!


SISTAR Disbandment

Hey guys! Welcome to my blog!

This is the 2nd group disbandment post I have written this week, and at the moment I am praying I don’t have to write another for the rest of the year 😥

I’m not sure if you guys have heard, but it is indeed true that SISTAR are disbanding and I am so sad about it. SISTAR was one of the first K-POP girl groups I ever got into and I can’t believe that they are splitting!

After 7 long years they have decided to split, and will be releasing their last album on the 31st May. As a farewell, each member has written a personalised letter to STAR1’s.


To the STAR1s that have always loved and supported SISTAR.
Hello, it’s SISTAR’s leader Hyorin. It’s already been 7 years since SISTAR debuted. The time I spent as SISTAR’s Hyorin along with SISTAR and my fans was a precious time that I wouldn’t change for anything else. They were like a dream. Now, the SISTAR members will be going our own ways for our 2nd life. I want to sincerely thank our fans that let us know how happy and lucky we were to sing, to go on stage, to be loved, and to love others. We are putting behind a big sadness and supporting each other’s dreams, and will be working our best to grow in our own areas. The members and STAR1, who I love, will remain forever in my heart. STAR1 are precious and have always given me abundant love and strength even though I was lacking. Thank you with all my heart. I love you..


STAR1, hello, it’s SISTAR’s Bora.

I told fans every year that we should be happy, and I hope that you were all happy for the seven years you spent with us. The time that I spent with STAR1 and SISTAR members was happy and precious. I think that I couldn’t show my sincerity to as much as people as I tried to, and my disappointment at not being able to do the best for you as SISTAR gets bigger. When fans told me they got strength from my brightness, I got stronger. I won’t forget that and keep getting stronger.

Even as I write this, I have so many memories. Now, the members have agreed to support our own road. But it’s not that we won’t get to see you again, so I’ll work to be a good Yoon Bo Ra from now on. All the STAR1 that loved SISTAR and Bora, I was thankful and happy you were with us. Let’s keep being happy. I love you ^^


It’s already been 7 years. I think I was happier during happy times and had it better during hard times because of the members and STAR1 that were always next to me. When I look back, I’m sad and sorry that I couldn’t spend that much time with our fans. No matter what stage I stand on from now on, I won’t ever forget this feeling I have for the members and our fans. I love you, I’m sorry, and thank you. I’ll let you hear good music. Let’s all be happy until the last moment.


Hello everyone, it’s Dasom. It’s been a while.
I have a lot I want to tell you, but I’m worried about what to start with.
It’s been 7 years since SISTAR debuted. I want to first thank everyone who have always supported us and loved us during this long period.
I think I was able to happily finish the 7 years with you, when it could have been hard. And it was also motivation for all of us to grow.
It’s very sad, but SISTAR has decided to go our separate ways after this album is finished. We received so much love as SISTAR, and we want to give it back bit by bit by ourselves from now on. I will try to communicate more with fans from now on. Please support us. Thank you.

I really hope that the girls do well in the paths they have chosen. And I hope they find happiness in the decisions they will make from now on. Their talents will not be forgotten and I wish them luck!

Good luck Girls!

Image result for sistar

See ya!

You can check out SISTAR’S ‘GOODBYE’ clip here.


HISTORY Disbandment

Hey guys! Welcome to my blog!

I’m sure quite a few of you have already heard the news about HISTORY…. and to be honest…I am really sad about it…:'(

I went to see HISTORY live in London, and I also had the pleasure to meet them. It was one of the best nights I’ve ever experienced! They were all so professional and tried their best to speak English to us. Their efforts were greatly rewarded by the screaming fans who were shouting for an encore XD

Their 4 years together were indeed great ones. And it’s a shame to see such a talented group with so much more to offer, disband. But I’m sure they had their reasons and I respect that. I hope that they all stay friends and do well with whatever life throws at them XD


(Apologies for the blur, I was shaking XD)


(I’m so so grateful that I had this opportunity! And I will never forget it! Even if my sister got to stand next to my bias. I still had the upper hand XD)

When It was time to leave, the members were bowing to the fans and the fans were waving and saying goodbye and then…..DUN DUN DUNNNNN Kyungil turned to me and bowed! I literally died inside. I acted upon instinct and bowed back, unsure of what to do. And he looked at me and just stared as I walked away… was like I was in an anime or a fanfiction or something.  (I hope I didn’t do anything wrong! XD)

I watch so much k-drama’s that bowing has become a habit to the point that I will do a small bow when I say thank you to someone. (For example: At the shops, when someone holds a door for me, accepting something like a leaflet…XD)

Anyway, like I said before, I hope the members of HISTORY will stay friends and live a happy life! They are all so talented and I hope they do well for many years to come!

Image result for history kpop SELFIE

I hope you guys liked this post!

See ya!

In honor of their work, here are a few of their music videos! Enjoy!~




My Favorite Girl Group Songs Part 1

Hey guys! Welcome to my blog!

Recently I’ve been listening to a lot of girl groups and I have fallen in love with so many songs! With thanks to my recommended feed on YouTube, I have been introduced to quite a few insanely catchy songs:


Miss A

Orange Caramel

Girls Generation

I know there’s quite a few but these songs have been stuck in my head these past few days! XD What about you guys? Know any other catchy girl group songs? I’d love to know!

See ya!


My School Talent show

Hey guys! Welcome to my blog!

A little while ago, I did two posts about my school talent show and about how I wasn’t sure what song to do and what not…well. Two days ago, I did my performance in front of over a hundred people and I danced to….TAEYANG-RINGA LINGA!!

I was FREAKING out. Wouldn’t you be? Dancing. By yourself. In front of a hundred people. I was so worried that I’d forget the moves! But thankfully, my family and friends came to support me and I couldn’t of been happier! Although I did forget the moves a couple of times so I improvised..XD

My sisters partner and my mum recorded my performance but unfortunately, the site will not allow me to attach the footage. But I will upload it on my Facebook page so you guys can check it out!

I must say, I was so nervous about my performance that I nearly threw up twice XD And I didn’t win either. But you know what? I’m so glad I did it. I’m proud of myself for getting up on that stage and doing what I love. The experience of being on that stage was exhilarating. If I could do it again, I would! XD

After my performance, I had a girl come up to me and she was so happy with me that I did Taeyang-Ringa Linga and said about how she heard the intro and went nuts! XD I was so over-joyed to meet another K-pop fan! Not only that but I heard that some of the audience commented on Taeyang’s song and said about how it was a ‘Tune’ and that it had a ‘good beat’ which is even better! (YES..SPREAD THE LOVE..SPREAD THE LOVE OF K-POP..)

Anyway, I just wanted to let you guys in on how my show went and I really appreciate the support I received!  I had quite a few people at school come up to me and tell me that I did good..and my science teacher decided to show my performance to all his science classes..including mine…XD

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I enjoyed writing it!

See ya!