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Hey guys! Welcome to my blog!

I finally did it! I started a YouTube channel! XD

So far I’ve posted two videos and both of them are vines. If you guys could check them out and tell me what you think, that would be greatly appreciated!

My channel is Emmimori.

I feel like I should of done this earlier this year? That way, I would of been able to do more videos! Either way…

Don’t leave things for the last minute, because an opportunity may arise and you could miss it. If you want to start a YouTube channel? Do it! You want to publish a book? Do it! You want to lose weight? Start NOW! Don’t leave it for another day. Otherwise you’ll be in the same position as I am. Wishing I had done it sooner. Don’t waste your time, because you’ll regret it. Trust me.

Emmimori 🌸