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14 days to go…

Hey guys! Welcome to my blog!

It is official. I now have. 15 days left. Until. I. Leave. School…….. I DON’T THINK I’M READY!!!

It’s a big step I’m going to take and I know for a fact that I am going to be reallllly emotional XD Just to think, a few months ago I was saying about how I can’t wait to leave and now that it’s finally here, I don’t wanna go! I think it’s because I’m so use to the idea of wearing my uniform, seeing my friends, teachers and travelling to and from school on the same bus taking the same route I could walk blindfolded….I’m gonna miss it.

Last week, we had a leavers evening where we had a shirt signing event with the whole of year 11. Everyone wrote on each others shirts with encouraging messages as memorabilia of being at school. I was a little upset because there were a few people I didn’t get to say goodbye to, but hopefully I’ll see them some day 🙂


( From left to right: Me, Charn, Lizzy and Jess)

I want to wish everyone who has or is leaving school a massive good luck and well done! I hope you do your very best and enjoy life to the fullest! Lots of love!

Good luck!

See ya!





Hey guys! Welcome to my blog!

  • First off, I’d like to say a big thank you to all my followers and viewers for sticking around and checking out my posts. It really means a lot to me!!

I have to say, it’s been a hectic few months so far and already I feel like migrating to my room for the rest of my life….. but hey-ho! I can’t do that. So instead I’m going to take it one step at a time. (Even though that’s impossible considering all the exams…)

I don’t mean to bring anyone down, but..come on. All you GCSE takers know what I’m on about. How can they expect us to do so well in exams with this new grade system? What on earth does 9-1 mean? It’s just confusing! Not only that, but it’s much more difficult to pass our exams.

Image result for 9 to 1 grade system

( Before it was straightforward…now its like going round the molbury bush with whole numbers and decimals…Yeah. That’s right. There are decimals too.)

It doesn’t just go 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…. No. It goes 1, 1.2, 1.4 etc…..confusing or what?

Okay. Now that my rant is semi-over, I would like to wish everyone taking their GCSE’s a massive:

Image result for good luck images

I know a lot of people are freaking out about the exams, but trust me. You’ll do absolutely fine 🙂

Make sure you get a good night’s rest and eat breakfast every morning. And remember. DON’T STRESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. 🙂 Your going to do well and don’t feel threatened by the new grade system 🙂

Best Wishes!

Emmimori X

❤ ❤ ❤

Easter Holiday

Hey guys! Welcome to my blog!

I know I haven’t posted in a while, but time flies when your having fun! (By fun I mean ‘no school for two weeks’ kind of fun XD) BUT. That is all about to change because I…..have school……….tomorrow….:,(

I know! I know! I shouldn’t be sad but….come on! The sudden change from enjoying a late night binge watching your favorite TV-show to early night, lay wide awake contemplating life and whether tomorrow will be a hit or miss. I’m not gonna lie, school can be a drag but I know it’s beneficial. Although sometimes in class I imagine someone famous walking through the class room door (Cough Cough BTS cough cough BIGBANG cough cough).

Anyway, this year is a big year for me. Yes my friends, I am under-going GCSE’s and yes, I am considering eating my entire fridge’s content’s and building my very own bat cave. Make sense? No it does not!

(Seriously though, the bat cave is definitely on my bucket list……as well as the food part, that’s also on there too…)

My point is, it’s my last year at school and it feels really weird. I can remember my days back when I first started and it feels like it was yesterday. I remember when I used to say “Year 11 is so far away! I’ve got ages!”. That was in year 6. Just to think that was 5 years ago. Time really does fly!

My little bro is 7 now. His birthday was 12th April and we took him to Chessington: World Of Adventures. We didn’t tell him we were going! So when we arrived we joked that we were taking him to a landfill to pick out a rusty bike XD (It wasn’t my idea by the way). Of course he wasn’t happy and wouldn’t talk to anyone. But when he saw the sign, his face lit up with excitement and he would not stop talking! XD

Image result for chessington

It was fun! Beside the fact we only got on two rides because the queues were incredibly long even though we got to the park at 12 and left at 6. (We were there for 6 hours and only got on two rides) Our experience proves that the only way to get on more rides is to fast track which also means paying more money.

Other than that, it was good. And the doughnuts there are LUSH. Just saying. XD

I’m gonna end this post here, it looks rather long and I don’t think you’d like to read pages and pages XD But I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you had a good Easter and got lots of chocolate!

See ya!




Back To School Again!

Hey guys!

I know I already have a post labelled ‘Back To School’ but that was before I actually returned to school. My new year as year 11 (Senior) started on Wednesday 31st of August…kinda early don’t you think? To me it is. My school took an entire week off our holiday and gave us 3 days in return in October. It may not sound that bad but last year we had a week off in our summer and a week added in October. They’ve done this because they believe that we as pupils have too much time off of school and that we will forget what we have learnt. In my opinion I think they hold a valuable point but as a student, It bothers me. I forget quite often! I agree with their point because I was given maths homework to complete over the holidays and I had completely forgotten how to work it all out! I don’t agree because they are cutting short our time to ourselves with family and friends and have bought that last week of panic and stress closer. Not only that but no letters were sent out to announce the cut so parents didn’t know!. ( Guys…I apologize for this rant but I REALLY needed to get it off my chest..XD)

Anyway, on the lighter side I got to buy my stationary!!! My mum was like ” Whats all this for then?” My reply ” For school of course! Not for my own use of random drawing, organizing of plans for stories I’m going to write and most DEFINITELY not for my own entertainment…XD”. I swear, each time I go to a shop I always return with something from the stationary aisle and my excuse each time is “But I need it!”. I  got my results back from my Statistics Exam and I found out I got a pass, which is a C. Every one of my family is proud of me but I’m not proud. I was 6 marks off a B but I can’t change it now. I’m going to have to live with that. I think I would of done better if I did my exam in year 11 than in year 10.

The school has chosen my year to muck around with by bringing one of our GCSE exams forward so we had less time to prepare which I along with others find it unfair. I also had a meeting with a woman who speaks to students with bad attendances. It’s not like I bunk or anything its just I have a bad history with going into school and panicking for no reason. I also found out that as a student I am only allowed a week off in an entire school year……How ridiculous is that?!?!?!. It’s not my fault I’m sick a lot! I have a six year old brother in primary school and he brings all sorts home and passes it to me! What am I supposed to do? Oh I know! I’ll come in with a gastric bug a puke on everyone! How does that sound? XD

I’m sorry, I’m ranting again..XD But I hope you guys understand! Their messing with my brain!! (Stupid school life XD)

Okay..I’m going to stop here. But I hope you guys enjoyed this and that some of you can relate XD

Lots of love! X

P.S. My next post will be about shoes…really cool ones…that I love. XD (Hint: They light up XD)