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Hey guys! Welcome to my blog!

How has everyone been this week? Anything interesting happen? Me? I’ve had quite a week to be honest XD

As you can tell by the title, yes. Someone in my home has been quarantined! (Quarantined= separated from others). You see, my younger brother George has contracted a gastric bug! For those who are unaware, a gastric bug is a illness you can get that causes you to have severe diarrhea and vomiting. (It’s nasty. believe me.)

Me and my parents are being extra careful by keeping my brother in his room. This morning, we had dry toast and ate it with napkins. That’s how careful we are being XD

I feel kinda evil though because my brother can’t eat a thing until tomorrow, and he’s up in his room ‘containing’ the virus and then there’s me and my mum in the living room, sneakily eating a bowl of chips..XD

Do I feel bad? Yes.

Was it worth it? Yes it was.

Did they taste/smell good? Most definitely.

But….they just tasted so goooood~

Either way, I hope he does get better! Because once he is well again, we are going straight to McDonald’s. 🙂 Just saying…..XD

Moral of the post, be careful when your out and about! Be sure to be hygienic and to take care of yourself when you come down ill! I don’t want you guys to be ill! So be careful!

Well! I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I’ll keep you updated on my brother and I’ll see you guys soon!

See ya!