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8 Steps On How To Get Over Your Ex

Hey guys!

I know how hard it must be to break up with someone you love. What’s worse is seeing them with someone else…believe me, I know. That’s why it is time to let go. That’s right! Time to move on and free yourself from those sad night’s thinking of them and getting upset. But of course your feelings won’t disperse and disappear forever because there will still be something there when you see he/she. (depending on your situation, some people end up hating their ex’s because of their past relationship).Anyway, 2 months ago I broke up with my boyfriend and we spoke sometimes. But today, I found out he started going out with one of my friends since 27th may, so that’s a good 2 weeks. Of course I felt hurt, because I still have feelings for him but only a little.

It can be difficult to let go but you have to. Otherwise you won’t be able to move on and meet someone knew!

Here are the things I did that I think you may find useful!

No contact!                                                            

Although you may want to talk to them its best if you don’t. Talking to them can remind you of old times with them and may even make you fall for them again, which is the opposite of what your trying to do. If they say ‘Hi’ to you, don’t ignore them, just say ‘Hi’ back, but not happily just as if he/she is an acquaintance. (Don’t show your emotions! They can take that as an advantage and will boost their ego!)

No stalking!                                                                             

You definitely do not want to stalk them, otherwise it will seem desperate and will not look good. Also you might see something you don’t like, like them meeting with or showing affection to someone of the opposite sex.

Momento’s (memories) of your relationship           

Rid of the momento’s from your relationship. For example: Teddy bears, Jewelry, photo’s, messages etc.. It will be hard to rid of such things from good times, but those good times will keep you from putting your feelings aside. If it’s something expensive, then you could maybe sell it? Do anything, to rid of these objects but DO NOT give them back to your ex! or you will seem kinda melodramatic, like your taking the brake up a bit too far.

Think about why you broke up                                       

I know I’m trying to help you rid your feelings of your ex but trust me on this one, it helped me. Think back to why you broke up. For example: I broke up with my boyfriend because he wouldn’t call me, or text me, or even ask me if I wanted to hang out! Heck! Sometimes he wouldn’t acknowledge me because he would be with his friends!.

Is he/she worth it?                                                                    

Sometimes we over think things that don’t need to be. For example: you may think that your ex is the best thing that ever happened to you. Reality check! Their not. You broke up with them for a reason. And that reason being your’s or their’s fault doesn’t matter now, it’s in the past. Keep your ex’s flaws in mind, it will make you re-think your opinion about them. Did they use to leave the toilet seat up? Leave make up everywhere? Did they drink? Lesson learnt.


Your ex really isn’t anything to be sad over. That’s done and dusted. It’s time to pick yourself back up and get your life sorted out. Do stuff with your life! Busy yourself hanging out with friends, family, maybe get creative and do some detailed painting. It will take your mind off of your ex.

Crying over spilt milk                                                    

Sometimes you’ve just got to let it out. Crying can be best for relieving stress. Keeping it bottled up inside will not help at all, you just need to release those tears and let them fall. It can be good to cry with someone close to you by your side, like a close friend or one of your parents, but you know that they will all say the same thing.. YOUR EX IS NOT WORTH IT.

Unfollow them on social media                                    

ver your ex, they are probably having a whale of a time with someone new and will most likely post images of them together on social media, which you do not want to see.


Overall I think that relationships can suck. Bad. But don’t give up hope, there is someone for everyone, you just haven’t met them yet. So keep your chin up! Focus on work/school or what ever you do for a living, and just remember this: your life doesn’t revolve around your ex. It revolves around you. Don’t let them or anyone bring you down.You are the sun, and everyone important to you are your planets and space is your life. Don’t let that meteor block out your light. Shine brighter. Meteors are destructive and they come and go, never to return just like your feelings for your ex.

I hope this helps, take care!

See ya!