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Skeleton Design Tutorial

Hey guys!

I know we have a few months until Halloween, but I did this design for last year and scared quite a few kids… so. Why not? XD I had many good compliments about it and I thought I could share it with my readers!

Okay, so this design is actually really easy to apply and is quick. I got my face paint from my local fancy dress shop and my brush I got from super drug. The only colors you will need are of course black and white. (Unless your going for a candy skull look then by all means, experiment with different colors!)

These are the paints I used!

(I took this photo after I had done my tutorial XD)

I’ll admit… The brush I used I may of lost…. so I couldn’t take a photo..(I didn’t mean to I swear) But I know the brush I used was an Avon foundation brush! Not a brand new one, but one I had never used and didn’t need, soo it was a WIN-WIN.

(This was the brush I used to get the whiteness of my skin and to bring out the black round my eyes, nose and lips! (Hehehe Taeyang-Eyes nose and lips came to mind when I typed that.. give it a listen some time, it’s a good song! XD)


Step 1

First you will need to wet your brush and pallet for this to work. Using your brush, carefully cover your face and chest with the white paint with downward strokes so the paint doesn’t get clumped in your facial hair. (For those who don’t know, we have tiny little hairs all over our body except the palms of our hands that are not always seen) You will want to give yourself a proper white color so you look like something from Ghost Busters XD. ( WAIT. Why did I need paint? I look like the dead anyway…)



20160525_204104Step 2

Then with the black paint and the edge of your brush, outline the eye socket shape around your eyes. It doesn’t matter if you make any mistakes because you can always fix it later! 😉

Anyway, be sure to color your eyebrows otherwise you’ll be a skeleton who some how developed facial hair XD




 Step 3


Fill in your eyes with black then paint your nose to give yourself a boneless look.


Step 4


Using your brush design your desired mouth with the top of the mouth lined on your top lip and the bottom of the mouth lined on your bottom lip, with the edges of the mouth stretching round toward your ears. Then paint in your teeth!








I hope you guys enjoyed this post! It took some time to write but I did it! I also hope you found this help full and easy and that you guys stick around for more posts!


Kids love to dress up too!! (My little bro wanted to be batman but I was like…UHHHH I’m not sure about that..but I can make you a cat!! Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud he chose Batman. It means I’ve taught him well…:D)

See ya!!