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Impractical Jokers live in London!

Hey guys!

On the 8th January, I had the pleasure to go see The Impractical Jokers! I have to tell you, they were amazing and I’ve never laughed so much XD

The Impractical Jokers ( Q, Sal, Murr and Joe) came to London as part of their ‘Santiago sent us’ tour and they spoke about the fun times they had together before they  became famous. For example: They spoke about Murr’s ex girlfriend that Joe hated with  passion. The reason why was because after everything she said she would add ‘.com’ at the end so now she is known as ‘.com’ XD. Or Q’s story when his cousin wanted to go hunting but Q was against it so they went to shoot trees instead. While they were out, they saw a beautiful bird perched on the top of a tree, so his cousin decided he was going to shoot it and just before he could, Q shot his cousin to save it XD (Bare in mind this was 20 years ago when it happened)

During the show, Q spoke about a a place in the United States called Wendy’s that sold baconators. He ended up jokingly yelling at this poor man for not trying a baconator and Sal told him to get out XD

They then showed us some of their recent, newly released videos of their season and it was hilarious XD The aim was that they were competing with each other to see who could be the creepiest and I was creasing XD

Joe was dressed as Willy Wonka and was going round with a bucket of sweets to random people saying…”Candies?” XD

Sal was in all black and was inside a white van with sliding doors. The van would abruptly stop and he would slide open the door shouting to some one ” GET IN THE VAN!” XD

Murr was dressed as a….well…I don’t really know XD  I think he was trying to be a 40 yar old man and was staring at people really awkwardly. He would walk up to basketbal courts and watch some teens play and would randomly appear from behind a tree to freak people out XD

Q was dressed as a bush on a baseball pitch DURING a baseball game XD He was running around with leaves flying everywhere and had the coach of the baseball team chase him off the pitch XD

And the winner of the creepiest Joker was….MURR! (Why not?XD)

I would include images of what they wore but the episode hasn’t aired yet. But once they do, I’ll be sure to update! I also got some cool souvenirs! A  mug that says “I’m with stupid” with an arrow pointing to the right and a program about the boys  likes & dislikes and  their adventure to stardom!

I have to say. If you haven’t seen their show, you have GOT to watch it! And I highly recommend seeing them live!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. And I apologize for it being so short! I’ll post again soon!

See ya!!!



My favorite K-Drama’s

Hello you awesome people!

I’ve been doing some research on K-drama’s purely because I want to start watching them again! I had a break from them because I needed to concentrate on school. ( What good that did. So many comebacks…) I’ve seen a few so far and I absolutely love them! I want to start watching more but I’m not sure what ones to watch. Do you guys have any recommendations? I’d love to know!

So these are the one’s I’ve watched so far:

  1. Dream High

I loved this drama! It was the first one I watched and it was amazing! Staring Miss A’s Suzy, Kim Soo-hyun, IU, 2PM’S Ok Taecyeon and Jang woo young, JYP himself and so many more! I highly recommend watching this!

Related image

2. Oh My Ghostess!

I really enjoyed this drama! It was very funny and I loved the characters! The story line was good too! It starred Park Bo-young, Jo Jung-Suk, Kim Seul-Gi and many more! Also recommended!

Image result for oh my ghostess cast

3. You’re Beautiful

This was hilarious and I could watch it again! Starring Park Shin-hye, Jang Keun-Suk, Lee Hong-Gi, Jung Yong-Hwa and many more! Each episode made me laugh and I recommend watching XD

Image result for YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL CAST

Related imageRelated image

(Yes these are parts of it XD)

So what do you guys think? If you could give me some recommendations, I would really appreciate it! What is your favorite drama? Let me know!

See Ya!

Full scale Titanic remake in China?!

Hey guys!

Recently, I was looking up facts about the Titanic, simply because I love history and Titanic is one of my favorite historical ships. So as I’m reading a fact file another article pops up in the recommended section in the corner of my screen and it’s about the Titanic in China, So curiosity got the better of me and I clicked it and began to read it’s content. At first I was kinda confused but then it began to make sense. The article was about a theme park in China that wanted to make the sinking of Titanic as a park ride…

The thing is, they are currently building a full scale Titanic as we speak that is set to continuously crash into an iceberg. (This is all a ride by the way) And the point of the ride is so that people can experience the sinking of the Titanic as if they were actually there in 1912. In my opinion, I personally feel as though remaking the sinking is disrespectful because hundreds of people died from that tragedy and it traumatized most of the survivors…and yet they want to make it a ride for entertainment…. It’s sad to think of a famous, horrific sinking to be linked to an amusement ride..:(

Titanic was the first cruise liner to ever set sail across the Atlantic ocean. Yet it went down half way during its maiden voyage. Every year on April 15th people mourn the loss of those who died with her and send their respects. But now I feel that her death has been taken advantage of as a publicity stunt.

The CEO of Star Energy Investment group had this to say “It’s not like a certain country owns this thing. Just like the US can make ‘Kung Fu Panda’ and that’s very common. Same with ‘Mulan’.” He also added that the Titanic had “universal value”.

You can read the full article here.

*R.I.P Titanic and her passengers* 

Favorite Christmas Movies #TOP10

Hey guys!

It’s getting closer to Christmas with only 14 days to go till Christmas Eve, and I wanted to share my favorite Christmas movies with you all so you can get a good idea on what to watch while you snuggle with a blanket, hot chocolate in hand and heating at a toasty 20 degrees!


10. Grinch

Image result for the grinch

9. Elf

Image result for elf


8. Santa Clause

Image result for santa clause movie

7. The Polar Express

Image result for the polar express

6. Scrooged

Image result for scrooged

5. A Christmas Carol

Image result for a christmas carol

4. Nightmare Before Christmas

Image result for nightmare before christmas

3. Jingle All The Way

Image result for jingle all the way

2. Christmas With The Kranks

Image result for christmas with the kranks

1. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

Related image

I hope you enjoyed this!

See Ya! X

The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 1 (Contains Spoilers)

Hey guys!

I don’t know about you, but season 7 episode 1 got me like :,(

I’ve never been so upset with a TV series before XD

I’m spacing my writing out because when you look at my post you can read the first paragraph and this post will include spoilers, so if you still haven’t seen it, then please do not read any further!!!!


Anyway!  Who else didn’t see that double death coming? When I found out that Negan had picked Abraham I was really sad at first because I loved Abraham! He was tough on the outside but was sweet on the inside. I kinda had an idea that he was going to die though, I mean, he didn’t have much of a story. And I also think that maybe the script writers ran out of ideas for him too. Glenn’s death was a shocker and was also kind of hinted by the comics. In the comics Glenn is chosen to have his brain bashed and the only one, so I guess they still decided to go along with the comic and they may of also ran out of ideas for him.

I’m glad that Daryl didn’t die because he is also one of my favorites along with Michonne. I had four favorite’s and two died…any idea how distressing that is? 😦 Some people are saying that they won’t watch Walking Dead anymore because Glenn died or Abraham died, I’m watching it for the group because I want to know how they plan to take action against Negan!

So many of my friends have said that the double death was a shocker and a gruesome one yet sad. What I found sad was how they both said goodbye to certain people in the group.

(Contains blood)

Abraham’s goodbye to Sasha:



Glenn’s goodbye to Maggie:

“I’ll find you”

maggie glenn.jpg

Who didn’t cry? I sure did.

I kinda wish they had more of a noble death if you know what I mean? Like maybe saving the group by sacrificing themselves (although they kinda did) by choice. Abraham’s death got me because of how he knew it was his time and took it bravely, Glenn’s was just…. I really didn’t see it coming and was hoping it wouldn’t, but it did. I’m sure many of you were shocked by season 7 episode 1 and are still trying to recover but you have to remember. It’s a T.V show and these hunks are still around!













I hope you guys enjoyed this post, I’d love to hear you thoughts on the episode so let me know in the comments below! What do you think the group will do? Join Negan? Or fight back? Can’t wait to find out!

See ya!



The Walking Dead Season 1 Review(May contain spoilers and graphic content)

The Walking dead is my favorite TV series and always will be! I could watch it all day, everyday and re-watch seasons I’ve already seen because, I love it so much! In every episode there is blood, and guts galore! So if your into that stuff or you’re just looking for something new to watch, then The Walking Dead is the right TV series for you!

Now I’m guessing for those of you who haven’t seen The Walking Dead, your probably wondering. What exactly is The Walking Dead about???

Well my friends. You have come to the right post!

The Walking Dead is about a brutal virus that breaks out all over the world where if people are bitten they would die and return as one of the dead ( Brainzzz YUM!!!). How do you kill a zombie in The Walking Dead? Easy. BOOM HEAD-SHOT. This bone chilling horror, starts off with a deputy sheriff Rick Grimes played by Andrew Lincoln.

Rick is the main character in this deadly show where he wakes up in an abandoned hospital after being shot by a car hijacker. When Rick returns home, he finds his neighborhood empty as well as his family gone. After Rick is rescued by a survivor called Morgan and his son Dwayne, he embarks on a mission to re-unite with his family before learning a few things that has happened while he was gone..(you know the usual. Humanity is gone and it is the end of civilization. Nothing to worry about..XD)

I’m not going to say much, just in case I get to wrapped up in explaining this awesome series that I end up blurting out a spoiler! (Don’t worry guys. I won’t say a thing!)

So anyway, when I first heard of The Walking Dead I was like…eh. But after watching the first episode I couldn’t help but watch another then another until I had myself waiting for the next season in October!(cough cough addiction cough cough) So far The Walking Dead has filmed 6 seasons of 6-17 episodes and has successfully hauled up a great number of viewers for each episode! The season 6 premier got 19.5 million views!!! Now that is a lot if you ask me. Okay, now you can see how popular this series is!

The first episode had me like…I need this in my life! And there have been a few episodes that have made me not want to watch it because something has happened or something might happen!

Character time!

Who is your favorite in The Walking Dead? I have a number of favorites. Some I can’t mention because they do not appear until later seasons.

Daryl Dixon

Awesome with a crossbow (kicks butt). And is very sarcastic and cocky…but kind at heart.


T-Dog is an awesome character too! He is really kind and kicks butt at the same time!

Glenn Rhee

Glenn is one of my favorites because he is a funny character who develops from a guy delivering pizzas to a courageous, out of the box thinking, zombie destroyer who is great at head shots and creating plans for the group.

Alright guys! This is all for my season 1 review but If you guys enjoyed it then I will go on to writing a post about season 2 and so forth!  (That is if I haven’t been eaten by zombies or anything….)

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I will try to post more! (That is if life doesn’t get in the way…Stupid life.)

See Ya!