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My nail polish haul!

Hey guys! Welcome to my blog!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful day and was spoilt rotten! I know I did!

So after the Christmas season is all done and packed up, we make way for the new year. But there is a time in between that I absolutely love! And that is when all the big shopping outlets have amazing sales!

Today I went to a shopping outlet called Lakeside. Where stores such as Primark and Next, had really good sales on all of their products! I bought a lot of things today. Especially make up! So I have this big pile of make up that would of originally cost about £70-£80 and only cost me £52!

Here are some of the nail varnish I bought:


These are some lovely colors I picked up from Primark that were in the sale. The packs of 3 were originally £5 and I got them half price!

The ones I will be trying today are..


The first polish is a pinky, nude colour that, at first look, is very watery. But the application was easy and looks amazing!


The second varnish is a peachy colour. And by first glance, looks very watery. It took a couple of coats to get it’s full colour. But other than that, it’s a good varnish. Though to be honest, I didn’t really like this colour because I feel it doesn’t suit my skin tone.



The last varnish is a light grey colour that, again, looks watery at first glance. But is easy to apply and looks lovely once on!


In conclusion, I think these are some beautiful colours! And I recommend purchase if you are in need of some new, nude colours. You can purchase these at Primark.

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Hey guys, welcome to my blog.

Today is such an upsetting, shocking day for so many.. For the kpop community, for Shawols, for blingers..

It’s truly heartbreaking. And I’m still in shock. When I first heard of his passing, It was earlier today, on facebook. At first I was a bit taken back. And then I started praying it was a hoax. Until another post showed, and another and another until I saw that his sister had confirmed it and K-pop idols started paying their respects on social media.


It’s really hard to believe he’s passed! I’m sitting in my room, with ‘Replay’ on repeat while I type this out and it’s hard to do through teary eyes!

My thoughts, prayers, condolences, go out to Jonghyun, his family and friends.

Rest In Peace JONGHYUN ❤



How to make a paper snowflake!! Easy!

Hey guys! Welcome to my blog!

So, in this post, I’m going to be doing an easy, step by step tutorial on how to make a paper snowflake!

First of all, you will need the following items:

– Pencil

– Compass

– Scissors

– String or thread

– paper (coloured/plain or patterned)



Step 1: Using your compass and pencil, draw a circle on your paper (any size will do). (Or you can use the rim of a bowl to draw your circle)


Step 2: Using your scissors, carefully cut out your circle. (Careful… Circles have feelings too…)


Step 3: Start folding your circle. There are 3 folds in total. (This circle is paying you alot of money to fold it. Make sure you get it right! XD)


Step 4: By now, you should have a little triangle that looks like a pizza slice. XD (Try not to eat it..) With your pencil, start drawing out shapes round the edges of your ‘Pizza slice’. (Imagine your putting the toppings on that pizza slice..)


Step 5: Once you’ve drawn on your toppings..I mean shapes, using the scissors, carefully cut them out.


Step 6: Carefully open up your circle and you should now have..


A snowflake!!!

Step 7: To hang your snowflake, using your string or thread, cut off a long piece and attach it to your snowflake. You can either tie it on or tape it on with sellotape.


As you can see, I’ve tied mine. And now I can hang it on the ceiling. 🙂


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Let me know In the comments below on how your snowflakes turned out!

See ya!