Another act of kindness….

Hey guys! Welcome to my blog!

Every year, people lose their homes. And most end up on the streets. This has become a crisis.

You see, when I first started college, I noticed that was quite a few homeless people on the streets. Either sleeping or wandering the town. Hoping…praying for some kind of miracle.

It made me realize how lucky I really am. To have a roof over my head, to be able to eat and drink whenever and whatever I want. To have people (Family & Friends) there during rough times. To have a warm bed to sleep in at night. To have a home.

I couldn’t imagine what it’s like to live on the streets. Especially during Sumner and Winter. So everyday, I donate some of my loose chain to the homeless.

Then I met a man called Patrick. I see him everyday by the train station. He is a really lovely man! He told me his story and I wanted to help him. So I bought a sandwich, bottle of water and a chocolate bar and gave them to him.

The smile I got was worth it. To know that I probably made his day, made me feel good as a person. Knowing that I helped, made me feel proud…

Moral of the story: Be greatful for what you have. Because while your reading this, there are loads of people on the streets wishing to be in your shoes. And a simple act of kindness like buying them lunch or a drink, especially in the cold season, could help them a lot…and go a long way.

See ya!




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