A simple act of kindness can make someone’s day.

Hey guys! Welcome to my blog!

Tomorrow is officially my prom and I am really excited about it! I’ve spent all week preparing and feel very confident! XD

Anyway, I’ve spent all week at my sister’s and she has been helping me prepare! So today we went out to a nearby town and did some last minute shopping for tomorrow and of course we were walking for a long time. We both started to get hungry and decided to stop at Morrison’s to grab a bite to eat for lunch! On the way out, there was a Hispanic lady waiting outside selling magazines called ‘The Big Issue’. She wore a orange Hi-Vis jacket and stood near the door greeting people.

My sister told me about how she sells the magazines everyday and that shes part of an organisation that gives the homeless a chance to earn money and make a living. They receive a percentage of the money they make and it helps them rebuild their lives.

So, on the way out I stopped and asked her how much the magazines were, and she told me “It’s £2.50” so I thought what the heck! I’m gonna buy one. So I started rummaging through my purse for the correct change, but only found 2 pounds and a fiver. Of course I wanted to help her, so I said “You know what? I’ll buy two”.

The look on the woman’s face was as if she was about to cry. She was so happy that she looked up at the sky as if thanking God and literally kissed my hand and hugged my sister in thanks. She said to me God bless you and your family! Thank you so much!”.

….I felt so..enlightened after that. I felt so happy that I made her day and put a big smile on her face. It made me feel good because I did something  that was greatly appreciated and would hopefully help her in the future.

Did I miss the fiver? Heck no! I spent it on someone else’s happiness and made their day a bit brighter. It just goes to show. That even the smallest acts of kindness can make a difference and brighten someones world. From something as small as donating a few pence to a charity box. Your making a difference.

See ya!


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