HISTORY Disbandment

Hey guys! Welcome to my blog!

I’m sure quite a few of you have already heard the news about HISTORY…. and to be honest…I am really sad about it…:'(

I went to see HISTORY live in London, and I also had the pleasure to meet them. It was one of the best nights I’ve ever experienced! They were all so professional and tried their best to speak English to us. Their efforts were greatly rewarded by the screaming fans who were shouting for an encore XD

Their 4 years together were indeed great ones. And it’s a shame to see such a talented group with so much more to offer, disband. But I’m sure they had their reasons and I respect that. I hope that they all stay friends and do well with whatever life throws at them XD


(Apologies for the blur, I was shaking XD)


(I’m so so grateful that I had this opportunity! And I will never forget it! Even if my sister got to stand next to my bias. I still had the upper hand XD)

When It was time to leave, the members were bowing to the fans and the fans were waving and saying goodbye and then…..DUN DUN DUNNNNN Kyungil turned to me and bowed! I literally died inside. I acted upon instinct and bowed back, unsure of what to do. And he looked at me and just stared as I walked away…..it was like I was in an anime or a fanfiction or something.  (I hope I didn’t do anything wrong! XD)

I watch so much k-drama’s that bowing has become a habit to the point that I will do a small bow when I say thank you to someone. (For example: At the shops, when someone holds a door for me, accepting something like a leaflet…XD)

Anyway, like I said before, I hope the members of HISTORY will stay friends and live a happy life! They are all so talented and I hope they do well for many years to come!

Image result for history kpop SELFIE

I hope you guys liked this post!

See ya!

In honor of their work, here are a few of their music videos! Enjoy!~





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