My School Talent show

Hey guys! Welcome to my blog!

A little while ago, I did two posts about my school talent show and about how I wasn’t sure what song to do and what not…well. Two days ago, I did my performance in front of over a hundred people and I danced to….TAEYANG-RINGA LINGA!!

I was FREAKING out. Wouldn’t you be? Dancing. By yourself. In front of a hundred people. I was so worried that I’d forget the moves! But thankfully, my family and friends came to support me and I couldn’t of been happier! Although I did forget the moves a couple of times so I improvised..XD

My sisters partner and my mum recorded my performance but unfortunately, the site will not allow me to attach the footage. But I will upload it on my Facebook page so you guys can check it out!

I must say, I was so nervous about my performance that I nearly threw up twice XD And I didn’t win either. But you know what? I’m so glad I did it. I’m proud of myself for getting up on that stage and doing what I love. The experience of being on that stage was exhilarating. If I could do it again, I would! XD

After my performance, I had a girl come up to me and she was so happy with me that I did Taeyang-Ringa Linga and said about how she heard the intro and went nuts! XD I was so over-joyed to meet another K-pop fan! Not only that but I heard that some of the audience commented on Taeyang’s song and said about how it was a ‘Tune’ and that it had a ‘good beat’ which is even better! (YES..SPREAD THE LOVE..SPREAD THE LOVE OF K-POP..)

Anyway, I just wanted to let you guys in on how my show went and I really appreciate the support I received!  I had quite a few people at school come up to me and tell me that I did good..and my science teacher decided to show my performance to all his science classes..including mine…XD

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I enjoyed writing it!

See ya!


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