Monsta X First World Tour

Hey guys! Welcome to my blog!

I know its a little odd for me to post on the 1st April about this, but I don’t think this is an April fools joke! You see, I recently received word that Monsta X were going on their first world tour and they’ve released dates!

I am PRAYING that this is no joke because I’m sure that all you Monsta X fans are just as anticipated as I am!

This is what was released:


I am really excited about this! And I can’t wait to see the boys in London for their tour! I just want to know one thing.. are there any Monsta X fans out there? If so, let me know your there! And for those of you who aren’t familiar with Monsta X, here are a few songs of theirs XD

  • HERO
  • RUSH
  • ALL IN
  • Beautiful
  • Fighter
  • Stuck

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and please spread the word of Monsta X’s tour!

Their ready…are you?

monsta x

See ya!

*UPDATE* I hate April Fools…:(


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