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My School Talent Show:Update!

Hey guys! Welcome to my blog!

A little while ago I did a post about my school talent show and how I plan to audition and what-not. In the end I chose to dance to EXO-Call Me Baby and two days before the audition, I learned all the choreography and sorted an outfit XD. I know, I know it was SO last minute but hey! I think I did well. The judge (my drama teacher) said “I didn’t know you took dance!” I was like ” I don’t. I dance at home though. I’m self taught.” She couldn’t believe it XD

Any way, she told me that next week the list of people who got through will be put up outside the drama office. So, on Monday I went to the drama office and there was a list.


(Names were blanked for privacy reasons)

But as you can see, I made the cut! I’m a finalist for my talent show! I literally died when I saw my name and I just couldn’t wait to tell everyone! Especially my family!

At the bottom of the list is says about a meeting that was yesterday. Unfortunately, I missed it because I was in an exam, BUT I was able to get the information needed at lunch which was good XD

It turns out I have a mentor who I speak to if I need rehearsal space or props for my performance! I’m super excited and I have around two weeks until my live performance in front of parents and then the ENTIRE SCHOOL!!!!!!

For my live performance, I have to do a new routine and to be honest, I’m a little stuck! I was thinking of doing a mashup but I’m not sure. Do you guys have any suggestions? I would REALLY appreciate it!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! If you have any song suggestions please let me know!!!

See ya!



K-pop Dreams?!?!?

Hey guys! Welcome to my blog!

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about all my dreams I’ve had over the past year. Some have been good, some bad, some freaky and some…..lets just say weird. XD But the ones that have called out to me most are my K-pop dreams.

Here is a list of some of the groups that have made a guest appearance :

  • 2PM
  • VIXX
  • BTS

I know I haven’t listed any girl groups and I think it because I listen to male groups a tinsy bit more than I do girl groups…XD

ANYWAY, the reason why BIGBANG is at the top is because they have made more guest appearances in my dreams than any other group. Its really odd to be honest because I haven’t listened to them or any K-pop for that matter because I find I get distracted, especially around exam time which is now XD

Actually, more or less its actually mostly A BIGBANG member…..okay it’s T.O.P….XD

I don’t know why though! I don’t always watch videos of them on shows or their music videos unless it’s to learn choreography or to check out a comeback or something… (I know that not watching them is sacrilege but I find I have proper fan girl moments and I’m trying to keep myself under control….but it’s SO HARD)

I think one of my favorite dreams I’ve had that starred T.O.P was when I was a secret agent and had to rescue him from kidnappers XD It was literally the BEST DREAM EVER.

Here it is:

I’m running down a corridor with a hand gun in my hand and I have a radio on my belt. I hear screaming in a room so I break in and find T.O.P strapped to a wall and he’s being tortured with electric ray guns (Do they exist? XD) . The kidnappers are dressed in black and have masks covering their faces. They lunge at me and some how I beat them up (I probably bell flopped them or something…). I untie T.O.P and hand him his shirt. (Did I mention he was shirtless?)

We run down a different corridor and end up in a giant hall that is full of people dressed in ball gowns and tuxedos.(It was a masquerade ball by the way). The kidnappers had recovered and where chasing after us so I pulled T.O.P to one side to a booth that was selling dresses and tuxedos..(I thought it was quite funny really XD) We both bought something to wear and headed out onto the dance floor to blend in with the crowd so we weren’t spotted.

There was then an announcement that everyone needs to take their seats because a show was going to begin. So we went to a table and this was the lay out:

Untitled design (4).png

Red= Random Woman      Blue= T.O.P      White= Reserved seat

Being polite I decided not to sit in the reserved seat because it was for someone else. So I asked T.O.P “Hey where should I sit?” and his reply had me fan-girling. He replied while sipping a glass of wine that appeared out of no where in particular with ” I don’t know but I want to sit with you..” (BOOM. My heart died. I honestly couldn’t believe that he said that in my dream. No wonder I was in such a good mood the next morning XD)

After my mini heart attack, we had fast forward to a field and we were running from the men again but on the field there were trampolines… and T.O.P decided that NOW would be a great time to have bounce. So there was me running, all I could think of was ‘Oh no. Their going to get us and that will be it’ and then there’s T.O.P. Not much going on just having a whale of a time bouncing on trampolines..

Unfortunately it was then that I woke up, so I don’t actually know how it ends but I’m tempted to write a story that follows the base line of my dream.

So yeah, I had one of the best dreams ever and I hope that in my dream, T.O.P had a blast on those trampolines so yeah. XD

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I apologize for not writing sooner but as I said, its exam time so I haven’t had a chance to XD.

See ya later!