BIGBANG nomination for kids choice award Nickelodeon

Hey guys! Welcome to my blog!

I’m not sure if you guys heard, but BIGBANG have been nominated for Nickelodeons Kid’s Choice Global Act Award! I was so happy when they announced it that me and my 6 year old brother started having a mini celebration in the living room XD


I was sitting on the sofa with my brother watching Spongebob Squarepants. (Actually he was on his DS and I was watching it but ya know…) The episode had just ended and the adverts had come on, advertising toys and programes and what not. And THAT is when it happened.

The advert for the 2017 Kids Chosen Global Award Nickelodeon came on announcing the nominees for this years award:

-5 Seconds Of Summer


-Bruno Mars

-Little Mix


-Zara Larsson

Now I didn’t know they were up for this award and seeing them appear on T.V made me rewind it to make sure I weren’t dreaming XD This is a good day for V.I.P’s and I hope BIGBANG do really well and hopefully win their category!

You can vote for BIGBANG in the link below!


(Don’t know how to vote? Click the link above and scroll down the page until you see a button that reads ‘All categories’. Click the button and the voting page for Global act will load. Who do you think should win? Spread the word! Get others to vote now!)

See ya!!


(I apologize for the short post but if I could I would write a whole review and support page for BIGBANG XD)


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