School talent show…featuring a K-pop mashup….XD

Hey guys and gals, welcome to my blog!

Every year my school holds a talent show for all years in March. Each year me and my friends go and watch it, supporting acts and voting for our favorite. But this year will be slightly different because I won’t be in the crowd…no. I’ll be on stage XD

That’s right! I’m auditioning for my schools talent show! I always said I would audition but I kept putting it off and telling myself I’ll do it next year..but there won’t be a next year because I’m going to college. It’s now or never right?

Originally, I was going to sing. But recently my mind changed. Instead of singing, I was going to dance. To a bunch of K-pop mashups XD (Brave or what?) I’m sure other K-pop fans can relate to what I’m about to say, but people can be mean and immature when it comes to situations like this. That’s why I’m a little nervous because K-pop is Korean and people tend to be a little bit silly. Especially 13 to 15 year old’s. But since it’s my last year and most likely the last time I’m going to see everyone…..why the heck not? XD

I already have a long list of K-pop songs from various artists and I was wondering your thoughts? And if you have any suggestions? I have to get my form in as soon as and the judges want to know what song to play for my audition. Not only that but the audition date still hasn’t been announced yet :/

These are the songs I have so far:

  • 4Minute-Crazy
  • XIA-(Flower)
  • Taeyang-Ringa Linga
  • GD X Taeyang- Good Boy
  • EXO-Call Me Baby
  • BIGBANG- Fantastic Baby
  • Block B- Jackpot
  • SISTAR- Shake It
  • B.A.P -One Shot
  • EXO-Overdose

If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

See ya!




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