Blog post idea’s

Hey guys!

I decided to help you guys out there struggling for blog ideas! I’m going to make this intro short and snappy! So here we go!

I hope you guys get some good ideas!!!

  • Top 10 movies

What’s your favorite genre? Your favorite movie? List them and add tags! See what others think!

  • Top 10 songs

Classical, POP, Rock, name it! List your favorite songs and add the songs in to your post so others can enjoy it!

  • Blog post ideas

Exactly what I’m doing! Not only does it help other bloggers, but it can help you too! When thinking of blog ideas, you think of new ones that you, yourself can use!

  • Favorite seasons of the year

What’s your favorite season and why? For example: I love winter because of the snow and Christmas time round the corner!

  • Gift ideas

Birthday’s, Anniversaries, Christmas, Wedding’s…What do you think would make a good gift? Something personal?

  • ‘About me’ post

Write an ‘About Me’ post so readers can get to know the real you! It makes it easier for your readers to connect with you and your posts!

  • Tutorials

Tutorials are popular. Do a tutorial on a recipe you know or a make-up look. They are very useful and can give you quite a few views!

  • Funny stories

Had any funny experiences? Write a post about it! For example: That time I wore a bright pink Jacket to the zoo..

  • Soon to go on trips or trips you’ve been on.

Any fun holiday’s you’ve been on or soon to go to? Write a post about your experience! Was it enjoyable? Was it expensive but worth it? Write about it!

  • Favorite food (recommendations)

Any favorite recipes? Been to any good cafe’s or restaurants with good menu items? Write about it!

  • Favorite band/group/singer/duo (song recommendations)

Favorite group/singer/duo? Write about them! Have you seen them live? If they were going to perform new you, would you go?

  • Quiz

Do a quiz of at least 10 questions and then do a separate post with answers. It’s fun for you, and your readers!

  • Photography

Do a collage! Of the moon, sunsets/rises, stars, flowers or the most beautiful pictures you have ever taken!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and got some good ideas!

See ya!



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