Impractical Jokers live in London!

Hey guys!

On the 8th January, I had the pleasure to go see The Impractical Jokers! I have to tell you, they were amazing and I’ve never laughed so much XD

The Impractical Jokers ( Q, Sal, Murr and Joe) came to London as part of their ‘Santiago sent us’ tour and they spoke about the fun times they had together before they  became famous. For example: They spoke about Murr’s ex girlfriend that Joe hated with  passion. The reason why was because after everything she said she would add ‘.com’ at the end so now she is known as ‘.com’ XD. Or Q’s story when his cousin wanted to go hunting but Q was against it so they went to shoot trees instead. While they were out, they saw a beautiful bird perched on the top of a tree, so his cousin decided he was going to shoot it and just before he could, Q shot his cousin to save it XD (Bare in mind this was 20 years ago when it happened)

During the show, Q spoke about a a place in the United States called Wendy’s that sold baconators. He ended up jokingly yelling at this poor man for not trying a baconator and Sal told him to get out XD

They then showed us some of their recent, newly released videos of their season and it was hilarious XD The aim was that they were competing with each other to see who could be the creepiest and I was creasing XD

Joe was dressed as Willy Wonka and was going round with a bucket of sweets to random people saying…”Candies?” XD

Sal was in all black and was inside a white van with sliding doors. The van would abruptly stop and he would slide open the door shouting to some one ” GET IN THE VAN!” XD

Murr was dressed as a….well…I don’t really know XD  I think he was trying to be a 40 yar old man and was staring at people really awkwardly. He would walk up to basketbal courts and watch some teens play and would randomly appear from behind a tree to freak people out XD

Q was dressed as a bush on a baseball pitch DURING a baseball game XD He was running around with leaves flying everywhere and had the coach of the baseball team chase him off the pitch XD

And the winner of the creepiest Joker was….MURR! (Why not?XD)

I would include images of what they wore but the episode hasn’t aired yet. But once they do, I’ll be sure to update! I also got some cool souvenirs! A  mug that says “I’m with stupid” with an arrow pointing to the right and a program about the boys  likes & dislikes and  their adventure to stardom!

I have to say. If you haven’t seen their show, you have GOT to watch it! And I highly recommend seeing them live!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. And I apologize for it being so short! I’ll post again soon!

See ya!!!



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