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My Top BTS songs

Hey guys!

These are my top BTS songs! I hope you enjoy!

10. Boy In Luv

9. Danger

8. N.O

7. No More Dream

6.War Of Hormone

5. Fire

4. I Need U

3. Dope

2. Run

1. Blood Sweat And Tears

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! For all the Army’s out there, who is your bias? What is your favorite song of BTS? Let me know!

See ya!



My Top 10 EXO songs

Hey Guys! Welcome to my blog!

This is my top 10 EXO songs! I hope you guys enjoy!!

10. Wolf


(Song starts at 1:25)

8. Lightsaber

7. Sing for you

6. Growl

( Me: I love the one in grey!)

(Friend: But..their all in grey…)

(Me: Exactly…)

5. Overdose

4. Love me right

3. Call me baby

2. Monster

1. Lucky one

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! What is your favorite EXO song?

See ya!


School talent show…featuring a K-pop mashup….XD

Hey guys and gals, welcome to my blog!

Every year my school holds a talent show for all years in March. Each year me and my friends go and watch it, supporting acts and voting for our favorite. But this year will be slightly different because I won’t be in the crowd…no. I’ll be on stage XD

That’s right! I’m auditioning for my schools talent show! I always said I would audition but I kept putting it off and telling myself I’ll do it next year..but there won’t be a next year because I’m going to college. It’s now or never right?

Originally, I was going to sing. But recently my mind changed. Instead of singing, I was going to dance. To a bunch of K-pop mashups XD (Brave or what?) I’m sure other K-pop fans can relate to what I’m about to say, but people can be mean and immature when it comes to situations like this. That’s why I’m a little nervous because K-pop is Korean and people tend to be a little bit silly. Especially 13 to 15 year old’s. But since it’s my last year and most likely the last time I’m going to see everyone…..why the heck not? XD

I already have a long list of K-pop songs from various artists and I was wondering your thoughts? And if you have any suggestions? I have to get my form in as soon as and the judges want to know what song to play for my audition. Not only that but the audition date still hasn’t been announced yet :/

These are the songs I have so far:

  • 4Minute-Crazy
  • XIA-(Flower)
  • Taeyang-Ringa Linga
  • GD X Taeyang- Good Boy
  • EXO-Call Me Baby
  • BIGBANG- Fantastic Baby
  • Block B- Jackpot
  • SISTAR- Shake It
  • B.A.P -One Shot
  • EXO-Overdose

If you have any suggestions, please let me know!

See ya!



Goodbye 2NE1.

Hey guys, Welcome to my blog!

With CL in America and Minzy promoting her solo, 2NE1 has been quiet….(like the past 2-3 years…..)

2NE1 has been one of the most popular K-pop groups ever to debut along with Bigbang. Their debut song ‘Fire’ was a huge hit and made it to number 1 countless of times. Their song also won awards such as ‘Mnet Asian Music Award For Best Music Video’ and ‘Mnet Asian Music Award For Composer’. They sung over 30 songs that all became hits once they were released and they have to be one of my FAVORITE K-pop groups ever and their disbandment had me nearly in tears ­čśą

The thing is, I saw it coming. With CL debuting in America and Minzy leaving to debut as a soloist, I felt that 2NE1 no longer stood as an icon. Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud of CL for debuting in America, but the whole Minzy drama….. it was obvious, I mean, come-on! As much as I hated to admit it, I knew something was up. Some people are calling Minzy a snake for leaving the group as well as stating “Don’t call me maknae, I am my own godess”. Fans then began to post all over her Instagram with snake emoji’s, calling her “Snakezy” and claiming that she thinks she’s better than 2NE1 and acting fake….

But I understand with her leaving and what not, but how do we know if we know the full story? And with former fans suddenly turning on an ex-member in a matter of days is shocking. But hey! We all have our own opinions and everyone is right to.

With 2EN1’s last comeback with their song ‘Goodbye’, it has brought tears to many. But some anger, due to Minzy not being included. Minzy also stated that she ‘had no idea’ about ‘Goodbye’ being released and feels ‘disappointed’ because she found out through a news article….

Disbandment’s are horrible and so is drama, especially if they include your bias. But these sort of things happen and they are out of our control.

I wish CL, Park Bom, Minzy and Dara the very best for the future, in what ever paths they take. Thank you 2NE1 for the great memories and the amazing songs! Lots of love! BlackJacks x

I hope you guys enjoyed this post!

See ya!


Blog post idea’s

Hey guys!

I decided to help you guys out there struggling for blog ideas! I’m going to make this intro short and snappy! So here we go!

I hope you guys get some good ideas!!!

  • Top 10 movies

What’s your favorite genre? Your favorite movie? List them and add tags! See what others think!

  • Top 10 songs

Classical, POP, Rock, name it! List your favorite songs and add the songs in to your post so others can enjoy it!

  • Blog post ideas

Exactly what I’m doing! Not only does it help other bloggers, but it can help you too! When thinking of blog ideas, you think of new ones that you, yourself can use!

  • Favorite seasons of the year

What’s your favorite season and why? For example: I love winter because of the snow and Christmas time round the corner!

  • Gift ideas

Birthday’s, Anniversaries, Christmas, Wedding’s…What do you think would make a good gift? Something personal?

  • ‘About me’ post

Write an ‘About Me’ post so readers can get to know the real you! It makes it easier for your readers to connect with you and your posts!

  • Tutorials

Tutorials are popular. Do a tutorial on a recipe you know or a make-up look. They are very useful and can give you quite a few views!

  • Funny stories

Had any funny experiences? Write a post about it! For example: That time I wore a bright pink Jacket to the zoo..

  • Soon to go on trips or trips you’ve been on.

Any fun holiday’s you’ve been on or soon to go to? Write a post about your experience! Was it enjoyable? Was it expensive but worth it? Write about it!

  • Favorite food (recommendations)

Any favorite recipes? Been to any good cafe’s or restaurants with good menu items? Write about it!

  • Favorite band/group/singer/duo (song recommendations)

Favorite group/singer/duo? Write about them! Have you seen them live? If they were going to perform new you, would you go?

  • Quiz

Do a quiz of at least 10 questions and then do a separate post with answers. It’s fun for you, and your readers!

  • Photography

Do a collage! Of the moon, sunsets/rises, stars, flowers or the most beautiful pictures you have ever taken!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and got some good ideas!

See ya!


Impractical Jokers live in London!

Hey guys!

On the 8th January, I had the pleasure to go see The Impractical Jokers! I have to tell you, they were amazing and I’ve never laughed so much XD

The Impractical Jokers ( Q, Sal, Murr and Joe) came to London as part of their ‘Santiago sent us’ tour and they spoke about the fun times they had together before they ┬ábecame famous. For example: They spoke about Murr’s ex girlfriend that Joe hated with ┬ápassion. The reason why was because after everything she said she would add ‘.com’ at the end so now she is known as ‘.com’ XD. Or Q’s story when his cousin wanted to go hunting but Q was against it so they went to shoot trees instead. While they were out, they saw a beautiful bird perched on the top of a tree, so his cousin decided he was going to shoot it and just before he could, Q shot his cousin to save it XD (Bare in mind this was 20 years ago when it happened)

During the show, Q spoke about a a place in the United States called Wendy’s that sold baconators. He ended up jokingly yelling at this poor man for not trying a baconator and Sal told him to get out XD

They then showed us some of their recent, newly released videos of their season and it was hilarious XD The aim was that they were competing with each other to see who could be the creepiest and I was creasing XD

Joe was dressed as Willy Wonka and was going round with a bucket of sweets to random people saying…”Candies?” XD

Sal was in all black and was inside a white van with sliding doors. The van would abruptly stop and he would slide open the door shouting to some one ” GET IN THE VAN!” XD

Murr was dressed as a….well…I don’t really know XD ┬áI think he was trying to be a 40 yar old man and was staring at people really awkwardly. He would walk up to basketbal courts and watch some teens play and would randomly appear from behind a tree to freak people out XD

Q was dressed as a bush on a baseball pitch DURING a baseball game XD He was running around with leaves flying everywhere and had the coach of the baseball team chase him off the pitch XD

And the winner of the creepiest Joker was….MURR! (Why not?XD)

I would include images of what they wore but the episode hasn’t aired yet. But once they do, I’ll be sure to update! I also got some cool souvenirs! A ┬ámug that says “I’m with stupid” with an arrow pointing to the right and a program about the boys ┬álikes & dislikes and ┬átheir adventure to stardom!

I have to say. If you haven’t seen their show, you have GOT to watch it! And I highly recommend seeing them live!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. And I apologize for it being so short! I’ll post again soon!

See ya!!!


My favorite K-Drama’s

Hello you awesome people!

I’ve been doing some research on K-drama’s purely because I want to start watching them again! I had a break from them because I needed to concentrate on school. ( What good that did. So many comebacks…) I’ve seen a few so far and I absolutely love them! I want to start watching more but I’m not sure what ones to watch. Do you guys have any recommendations? I’d love to know!

So these are the one’s I’ve watched so far:

  1. Dream High

I loved this drama! It was the first one I watched and it was amazing! Staring Miss A’s Suzy, Kim Soo-hyun, IU, 2PM’S Ok Taecyeon and Jang woo young, JYP himself and so many more! I highly recommend watching this!

Related image

2. Oh My Ghostess!

I really enjoyed this drama! It was very funny and I loved the characters! The story line was good too! It starred Park Bo-young, Jo Jung-Suk, Kim Seul-Gi and many more! Also recommended!

Image result for oh my ghostess cast

3. You’re Beautiful

This was hilarious and I could watch it again! Starring Park Shin-hye, Jang Keun-Suk, Lee Hong-Gi, Jung Yong-Hwa and many more! Each episode made me laugh and I recommend watching XD

Image result for YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL CAST

Related imageRelated image

(Yes these are parts of it XD)

So what do you guys think? If you could give me some recommendations, I would really appreciate it! What is your favorite drama? Let me know!

See Ya!

Step-by-step….College! Here I come!

Hey guys!

Yesterday was actually a good day believe it or not. Yeah, so I went back to school…but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Sure the lessons were horribly boring and I didn’t get a wink of sleep at all , I enjoyed the bus journeys (Music is my lover when it comes to times like these..) and I got to see all my friends! ┬áPlus, after school, I went to a college open evening since this is my last year at secondary and I’ve got to tell you. I have never been so excited about education before! They have everything and already, I know my way around! I plan to sign up for catering, drama and art. It’s going to take me a few years but I’m ready for it. What excited me the most is that I only go in three days a week…(TRALALALALA!)

The train journey isn’t bad and is rather peaceful. The walk isn’t bad either even though it’s really really cold XD Overall, I’m really excited! ­čÖé Today, I had an all day drama exam and it was really good! It was an improvisation piece and I was in a group of 5. (Improvisation-Made up on the spot). We were to create a play based on a picture and it had to have a realistic story line and last up to 20 minutes. Our story is about a family that slowly starts to brake up with the mom and dad divorcing and the kids becoming depressed and taunting one another.

What happens is that the dad slowly becomes ill and unknowingly to everyone is slowly dying. He has an argument with his son and suffers a heart attack. The daughter (main victim) falls pregnant and is betrayed by her best friend who tells everyone. The daughter falls into a terrible paranoid state and sees a psychiatrist to help soothe the voices and emotions. It all ends at her dads funeral with her fathers ‘Ghost’standing with her…..sad or what? It was really emotional too! XD Our main song was Sound Of Silence-Disturbed and It fit perfectly!

I know I’m going on now but hey ho! I’ll stop now XD

Oh! One more thing…guess what tomorrow is!……….

It’s my birthday! I’ll be 16! I’m excited because my present is front row seats to see Impractical Jokers at the O2 Arena! I couldn’t ask for anything better! I really do appreciate what my parents do for me. I couldn’t ask for better parents! They do so much for me and between us I plan to get my mum and dad their dream holiday home they’ve always wanted. They deserve so much but I can only give them so little. Being a school kid and not with a good amount of money, I’m saving up for them. I don’t ask for anything either because I know I don’t need it. I love them so much ­čÖé

What was your first day of college like? Or what did you do when you left school?  Let me know!

See ya!


There’s nothing like chilling with K-pop the day before school….:)

Why hello there! Welcome to my blog!

I’m Emmimori and I am a blogger!…(obviously..XD)

Today, is a sad day for me…you want to know why? You sure? Well….you see today is the last day of my Christmas holiday and inside I am stressing like no tomorrow (Seriously, I could stress for England and bring home a dozen gold medals..XD) I’m gonna come clean and just say it….*DEEP BREATH*….. I hate school. There! I said it. I’m sorry guys but being a year’s stressful and I am hanging by the thread here. It’s hard to study and have a social life all at the same time! What makes matters worse…K-pop is taking over my brain! I can’t stop listening to it! It’s almost like a disease. That is highly contagious because once you walk through that fandom door, say goodbye to ordinary life and say hello to aegyo! K-pop is sort of like a drug too. Once you start listening to it, there’s no going back. Your addicted for life and no amount of therapy is gonna help you now XD. ┬á ┬á ┬á ┬á K-pop has literally taking me by storm. I have BIGBANG’s ‘FXXK IT’ in my head and there is no escape. XD Speaking of which….T.O.P is enlisting in February! It’s going to be a long two years with out that quirky dude.

Image result for T.O.P bigbang FXXK IT gif

Anyway, onto more important matters! Life…what is life?….Nah, lets not go down that route..its FAR too depressing. Too many reality checks. XD

Lets talk about something much more depressing like going back to school..or work. I hate to be a downer and bring this up, but now that the Christmas season is over and the new year has come and gone, it’s now time to start getting ready for hating your life when you sit in a freezing cold office/classroom and ask yourself.”Was there any point in getting up this morning?” I don’t know about you, but I’m multi-tasking here. Writing and doing math at the same time….(Yes I know I should of done it earlier on during the holidays but why would I sit during my time to relax, doing stupid homework on algebra that I am obviously going to need to bake a cake….:| (By the way I wish to open my own cafe, when I leave school XD)

Okay, I don’t want to talk about school or work anymore. Lets talk about the holidays! What did you guys do? What did you get for Christmas? I got an awesome Camera that I have been wanting for years now and it’s one of the greatest gifts I have ever received! It’s a Nikon D3100 and I LOVE IT! It takes great pictures! OOH! Before I forget! I had a goal this holiday to shed some weight! And unfortunately I did not complete said goal and ended up putting on weight….( I’M SORRY! THE TURKEY…IT WAS JUST TOO GOOD TO RESIST!)

I blame myself for it. My will power…twas no more!

Oh! But I did have a heck load of fun with my sketch pad! I spent two days doodling and came up with these:


I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Let me know how your holiday went! For you K-poppers out there, what got you into K-pop? Who is your bias group? Let me know!

See ya!