Block B London Concert 2017

Hey guys!

Are you excited or what? I am! Ticket information has recently been released by MyMusicTaste and I have to say, I have never seen so many angry comments!

For those who are late on info, the link below will take you to the official page of the   Block B London page.

London Concert Official page

Anyway, the comments first surfaced a few weeks ago, when information for tickets had not yet been released and left BBC’s confused and frustrated. But on the 21st of December, information was released for all countries. Except London. The tickets were to originally be available for purchase on the 22nd. Many BBC’s thought it was reckless of MMT to put up ticket prices before the day they go on sale and with three days away from Christmas. So many complaints were made to MMT and they ended up changing the ticket sale date to the 4th of January.

On the 28th of December info was finally released and British BBC’s were not happy.

There are five types of tickets:

-TYPE A : VIP with Meet and Greet : £ 170

-TYPE B : Early Entry Front Standing : £ 115

-TYPE C : General Entry Rear Standing : £95

-TYPE D : Lower Balcony Seats :£95

-TYPE E : Upper Balcony Seats : £65

As you can see they have given a range of tickets to choose from but the problem is, not many of us have £170 lying around XD I’m not saying we are being forced its just some of us would love to meet them but money is an issue. The ticket prices are very similar to B.A.P’s, but the meet and greet included a signed album from any member, a signed poster and a photo. Block B’s meet and greet includes a high touch event and a photo. Plus the date for tickets has been once again changed to the 16th of January.

The concert will be held at the Troxy London and unfortunately I can’t go due to money problems. I’d get a job, but I’m still in school and even if I could go I would need someone to go with me.XD

Some BBC’s are still protesting now and some are refusing to pay the amount. Not only that but it turns out, the tickets for London’s show are more expensive than other countries.

I hope you guys got some valuable information from this post and for those who are to attend, who is your bias? And what songs do you hope will be performed? Let me know!

See ya!


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