MYNAME gift from me to them.

Hey guys!

Earlier this year of 2016, I was blessed with the news that K-POP boy group MYNAME were doing a European tour and London was on the list. Being the crazed girl I am, I was over joyed with the news and instantly bought tickets to see them. I wanted the experience to meet them so of course, I bought V.I.P XD and with each day I grew more and more excited. I gotta tell you. They were really good. And as a gift I made them origami flowers with each member having their own color.


Gunwoo= Blue

InSoo= Pink

Seyong= Red

JunQ= Purple

Chaejin= Yellow

(They took a lot of time to make. XD)

Each petal was painted with caution (I have a habit of smudging XD) and inside each box was a messaged for each member that read ” To [group member], Thank you for putting on an amazing show! from Emmimori ”  I have to admit, when I met them I felt kind of weak at the knees…then again..we were making full eye contact and I managed to speak a quiet “annyoung” and “Kamsahamnida” to each member before nearly passing out from the stares I got from them XD (annyoung= Hello  kamsahamnida= Thank you)

I remember this one time I went to see a group called HISTORY and when I met them and it came to say goodbye, the leader Kyungil was bowing to everyone and they were waving at him then he turned to me, bowed and I shocked him by bowing back. His eyes were glued to me as I left and I was going to pass out right there and then if it weren’t for my sister who dragged me round the corner and out of sight so I could regain my posture XD

The meet and greet with MYNAME was similar but I was shaking XD What I don’t understand is before a concert I think to myself, “When I meet them I won’t be overly excited. I’m going to play it cool.” but I end up doing myself wrong when I meet them and I am utterly speechless, shaking and can barely walk 🙂 Great Job Em! Make them think your psycho! 🙂

I can really hate myself for doing that because I want to make a good impression. I bet your saying whats the point, your not going to meet them again anyway. But that my friend is where your wrong! Some day, I hope to meet them again. So that time, I can do myself proud XD

But I have a chance to redeem myself! Yes sirie! I can redeem myself because Block B are coming to London in March of 2017 and if V.I.P tickets are for sale, then I shall purchase said tickets and definitely make myself proud by not babbling like an idiot 🙂

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing! Please feel free to share my content, it would be very much appreciated!

Lots of love!

Emmimori X


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