What to do when meeting the In-laws

Hey guys!

Meeting your partners parents is very much nerve wrecking and the thought often leaves you speechless when it comes to talking to them. It’s understandable! Do you want to make a good impression? Of course! Do you want them to like you? Absolutely! Do you want to seem like a nervous wreck? Definitely not!

Here is a small list of your Do’s and Dont’s!

  • Posture- When you meet the parents you don’t want to be slouching do you? Keep your back straight! It also gives you the effect of being tall. Slouching is making you look like you can’t be asked! Want to look smart? Keep that back up right!

Image result for good posture


  • If you have pockets, keep your hands out of them- You definitely want to avoid putting your hands in your pockets. It can come across as rude and makes you look nervous!

Untitled design (4).png


  • Clothing- You don’t have to go mad and buy an expensive dress or shirt. You just want to wear casual attire like a nice jumper or shirt. But if your not comfortable wearing anything like that then a simple shirt and jeans would be fine but boys! make sure your trousers aren’t showing off your boxers, it’s not a great look and will give the impression that your untidy. And ladies! Be careful with those shirts that show off cleavage and those skirts and shorts that are too high. Go easy on the heels and jewelry!

Related imageImage result for dressy attire dressRelated image

Image result for dressy attire mens

  • Easy on the aftershave and perfume- Sure aftershave and perfume make you smell good but too much will make you smell a little too much. The fragrance will be too strong if you apply too much. Just apply your daily amount!

Hey nice perfume! Must you bathe in it though-.png

  • Greet with a smile and a handshake- Be nice! Greet with a “Hello! How are you?” Or a ” Hello! It’s nice to meet you!” Hold out your hand and give them a handshake. Show them your confident! Be polite!

Image result for smile and handshake


  • Language- Refrain from using any slang. It’s not appropriate and most likely won’t be understood. And remember to say please and thank you!

Image result for please and thank you

  • Alcohol isn’t your friend- Careful if your offered an alcohol beverage. You can accept one or two but refrain from going over the limit. If your driving or have a problem that results in you not able to drink, then politely decline.

Related image

  • Try not to be overly clingy with your partner- You don’t want to come across as clingy or trying to ‘get some’. You don’t want to be snogging your partners face off in front of her parents…a simple peck every now and again would be fine.

Image result for clingy

  • Don’t try to impress- Honesty is appreciated, so don’t be lying and say you have a flashy car or make up some dramatic story that never happened.

Image result for no lying

  • Compliment the house- Compliment the design, furniture, kitchen. Even if it means complimenting the wall paper or the color of the carpet.

Image result for complimenting people

  • When leaving- Tell them it was a pleasure to meet them and you had  wonderful day/evening. Show them your polite, kind and considerate.


  • Complementary gift- Maybe a bottle of their favorite wine?


Image result for wine


I hope you guys enjoyed this post! And good luck to all you guys out there who are meeting the in-laws for Christmas! See ya!


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