Full scale Titanic remake in China?!

Hey guys!

Recently, I was looking up facts about the Titanic, simply because I love history and Titanic is one of my favorite historical ships. So as I’m reading a fact file another article pops up in the recommended section in the corner of my screen and it’s about the Titanic in China, So curiosity got the better of me and I clicked it and began to read it’s content. At first I was kinda confused but then it began to make sense. The article was about a theme park in China that wanted to make the sinking of Titanic as a park ride…

The thing is, they are currently building a full scale Titanic as we speak that is set to continuously crash into an iceberg. (This is all a ride by the way) And the point of the ride is so that people can experience the sinking of the Titanic as if they were actually there in 1912. In my opinion, I personally feel as though remaking the sinking is disrespectful because hundreds of people died from that tragedy and it traumatized most of the survivors…and yet they want to make it a ride for entertainment…. It’s sad to think of a famous, horrific sinking to be linked to an amusement ride..:(

Titanic was the first cruise liner to ever set sail across the Atlantic ocean. Yet it went down half way during its maiden voyage. Every year on April 15th people mourn the loss of those who died with her and send their respects. But now I feel that her death has been taken advantage of as a publicity stunt.

The CEO of Star Energy Investment group had this to say “It’s not like a certain country owns this thing. Just like the US can make ‘Kung Fu Panda’ and that’s very common. Same with ‘Mulan’.” He also added that the Titanic had “universal value”.

You can read the full article here.

*R.I.P Titanic and her passengers* 


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