Christmas gift idea’s

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Don’t you just LOVE Christmas? I know I do! It’s one of my favorite times of year!(Next to Halloween..who doesn’t like scaring kids..XD )

It’s that special time of year where chocolate calendars are released in stores and Santa Clause visits shopping centers and schools. You can blare Christmas hits from your stereo and hang decorations and decorate a tree. But my favorite part is the giving. I love buying a present I know someone will love and seeing their face when they open it on Christmas day. It’s just the feeling you get and it makes you feel good. To help all you desperate souls out there who are in need of a good idea for a present, I have come up with a list of ideas to help you!

  •  DVD- Everybody loves a good movie! Especially their favorite. For example: My sister is a huge Marvel fan. So for Christmas I’d get her Thor or The Incredible Hulk or The Amazing Spider man. Or say if she loved horrors, I’d get her her favorite horror or one that she hasn’t got that has good ratings


  • Good Book- I love a good book that’s full of romance and a bit of heartbreak. So for Christmas I’d love a book with a twist. If the person your getting a gift for  enjoys books, then a book is the way to go!


  • Cooking supplies- Maybe a new apron or a set of cutting knifes or a cook book!


  • Stationary- Pens, pencils, sharpeners, lined pad of paper, rulers…


  • Favorite CD- Maybe get their favorite groups CD? What could be better than to be able to listen to your favorite group on CD??


  • Art Supplies- Sketch book, paints, oil pastels…


  • Computer Games- Xbox, PS,PC,Wii….


  • TV Series- A complete box set will keep them occupied for a week….or two…or three XD


  • A box of goodies!-Sweets, naughty treats…You name it!


  •  Tickets to a comedy night out-A good night out is a good way to get out! And is worth a laugh!!


  • A DIY Kit-Great way to spice up a hobbie!


  • Fragrance- Jimmy Choo, Olympia, Diesel, Lynx…


  • Beverages- Nice bottle of wine? XD


  • Something Personalized- A wallet, mug, bracelet, necklace,ring, phone case…It’s a nice thought.


  • A Poster- Favorite celebrity, group, actor, singer, duo.


  • Sport- A football, basketball, cricket bat and ball, tennis racket…good way to get the heart pumping and calories burning!


I hope you guys got some good ideas for Christmas gifts!

See ya!!!






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