Hey guys!

I am super, mega excited right now! Literally jumping for joy! You’ll never guess whattttt! In 2018 I have been given the opportunity to go to Kenya for 4 weeks! AHA! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I really want to do it!….but there’s only one problem standing in…my..way….

The trip..costs…..£4000!! X(

As soon as I saw those figures I died a little inside XD But you can understand why right? Four grand is quite a lot XD But I haven’t lost hope! I was told two nights ago at a meeting that I have to pay a deposit of £389 by Wednesday…. Don’t know about you, but I think it’s way too soon. But then again it is a first come first serve thing so….ya.

I’ve organised a bake sale for Monday and Tuesday to raise money for my deposit but I’m worried it won’t be enough! There are also others who are fundraising like my friends who I’m doing a bake sale with. I want to ask you, my readers for a few minutes of you time, if you could check out my GoFundMe page? It would really mean a lot if you guys could check it out? And maybe even spread the word??

GoFundMe page

Jess’s GoFundMe page

Charlotte’s GoFundMe page

Kai’s GoFundMe page

If you guys could check them out, it would be much appreciated. The trip isn’t for amusement either. We will be working everyday by building schools, protecting animals from poachers, installing water tanks, teaching locals to grow crops.

As you can see, the whole idea of the trip is to learn different abilities and to understand what it is like in the poor regions. I will also be learning Swahili so I can communicate! This truly is a once in a life time opportunity. If you could take a minute of your time to check them out it would mean a lot or even goes a far as to donate a pound or two would be greatly appreciated!!!!!

See Ya!


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