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My Top 16 BIGBANG Songs

Hey guys!

I’m going to make this intro snappy so we can get on! I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing!

16. La La La 

15. GaraGara Go!

14. Lies

13. Last Farewell

12. Bad Boy

11. Monster

10. Haru Haru

9. Hangover

8. Tonight

7. Love Song

6. Fantastic Baby

5.  Loser

4. Bae Bae

3. Bang Bang Bang

2. Last Dance

1. Fxxk It



Block B London Concert 2017

Hey guys!

Are you excited or what? I am! Ticket information has recently been released by MyMusicTaste and I have to say, I have never seen so many angry comments!

For those who are late on info, the link below will take you to the official page of the   Block B London page.

London Concert Official page

Anyway, the comments first surfaced a few weeks ago, when information for tickets had not yet been released and left BBC’s confused and frustrated. But on the 21st of December, information was released for all countries. Except London. The tickets were to originally be available for purchase on the 22nd. Many BBC’s thought it was reckless of MMT to put up ticket prices before the day they go on sale and with three days away from Christmas. So many complaints were made to MMT and they ended up changing the ticket sale date to the 4th of January.

On the 28th of December info was finally released and British BBC’s were not happy.

There are five types of tickets:

-TYPE A : VIP with Meet and Greet : £ 170

-TYPE B : Early Entry Front Standing : £ 115

-TYPE C : General Entry Rear Standing : £95

-TYPE D : Lower Balcony Seats :£95

-TYPE E : Upper Balcony Seats : £65

As you can see they have given a range of tickets to choose from but the problem is, not many of us have £170 lying around XD I’m not saying we are being forced its just some of us would love to meet them but money is an issue. The ticket prices are very similar to B.A.P’s, but the meet and greet included a signed album from any member, a signed poster and a photo. Block B’s meet and greet includes a high touch event and a photo. Plus the date for tickets has been once again changed to the 16th of January.

The concert will be held at the Troxy London and unfortunately I can’t go due to money problems. I’d get a job, but I’m still in school and even if I could go I would need someone to go with me.XD

Some BBC’s are still protesting now and some are refusing to pay the amount. Not only that but it turns out, the tickets for London’s show are more expensive than other countries.

I hope you guys got some valuable information from this post and for those who are to attend, who is your bias? And what songs do you hope will be performed? Let me know!

See ya!

MYNAME gift from me to them.

Hey guys!

Earlier this year of 2016, I was blessed with the news that K-POP boy group MYNAME were doing a European tour and London was on the list. Being the crazed girl I am, I was over joyed with the news and instantly bought tickets to see them. I wanted the experience to meet them so of course, I bought V.I.P XD and with each day I grew more and more excited. I gotta tell you. They were really good. And as a gift I made them origami flowers with each member having their own color.


Gunwoo= Blue

InSoo= Pink

Seyong= Red

JunQ= Purple

Chaejin= Yellow

(They took a lot of time to make. XD)

Each petal was painted with caution (I have a habit of smudging XD) and inside each box was a messaged for each member that read ” To [group member], Thank you for putting on an amazing show! from Emmimori ”  I have to admit, when I met them I felt kind of weak at the knees…then again..we were making full eye contact and I managed to speak a quiet “annyoung” and “Kamsahamnida” to each member before nearly passing out from the stares I got from them XD (annyoung= Hello  kamsahamnida= Thank you)

I remember this one time I went to see a group called HISTORY and when I met them and it came to say goodbye, the leader Kyungil was bowing to everyone and they were waving at him then he turned to me, bowed and I shocked him by bowing back. His eyes were glued to me as I left and I was going to pass out right there and then if it weren’t for my sister who dragged me round the corner and out of sight so I could regain my posture XD

The meet and greet with MYNAME was similar but I was shaking XD What I don’t understand is before a concert I think to myself, “When I meet them I won’t be overly excited. I’m going to play it cool.” but I end up doing myself wrong when I meet them and I am utterly speechless, shaking and can barely walk 🙂 Great Job Em! Make them think your psycho! 🙂

I can really hate myself for doing that because I want to make a good impression. I bet your saying whats the point, your not going to meet them again anyway. But that my friend is where your wrong! Some day, I hope to meet them again. So that time, I can do myself proud XD

But I have a chance to redeem myself! Yes sirie! I can redeem myself because Block B are coming to London in March of 2017 and if V.I.P tickets are for sale, then I shall purchase said tickets and definitely make myself proud by not babbling like an idiot 🙂

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing! Please feel free to share my content, it would be very much appreciated!

Lots of love!

Emmimori X

What to do when meeting the In-laws

Hey guys!

Meeting your partners parents is very much nerve wrecking and the thought often leaves you speechless when it comes to talking to them. It’s understandable! Do you want to make a good impression? Of course! Do you want them to like you? Absolutely! Do you want to seem like a nervous wreck? Definitely not!

Here is a small list of your Do’s and Dont’s!

  • Posture- When you meet the parents you don’t want to be slouching do you? Keep your back straight! It also gives you the effect of being tall. Slouching is making you look like you can’t be asked! Want to look smart? Keep that back up right!

Image result for good posture


  • If you have pockets, keep your hands out of them- You definitely want to avoid putting your hands in your pockets. It can come across as rude and makes you look nervous!

Untitled design (4).png


  • Clothing- You don’t have to go mad and buy an expensive dress or shirt. You just want to wear casual attire like a nice jumper or shirt. But if your not comfortable wearing anything like that then a simple shirt and jeans would be fine but boys! make sure your trousers aren’t showing off your boxers, it’s not a great look and will give the impression that your untidy. And ladies! Be careful with those shirts that show off cleavage and those skirts and shorts that are too high. Go easy on the heels and jewelry!

Related imageImage result for dressy attire dressRelated image

Image result for dressy attire mens

  • Easy on the aftershave and perfume- Sure aftershave and perfume make you smell good but too much will make you smell a little too much. The fragrance will be too strong if you apply too much. Just apply your daily amount!

Hey nice perfume! Must you bathe in it though-.png

  • Greet with a smile and a handshake- Be nice! Greet with a “Hello! How are you?” Or a ” Hello! It’s nice to meet you!” Hold out your hand and give them a handshake. Show them your confident! Be polite!

Image result for smile and handshake


  • Language- Refrain from using any slang. It’s not appropriate and most likely won’t be understood. And remember to say please and thank you!

Image result for please and thank you

  • Alcohol isn’t your friend- Careful if your offered an alcohol beverage. You can accept one or two but refrain from going over the limit. If your driving or have a problem that results in you not able to drink, then politely decline.

Related image

  • Try not to be overly clingy with your partner- You don’t want to come across as clingy or trying to ‘get some’. You don’t want to be snogging your partners face off in front of her parents…a simple peck every now and again would be fine.

Image result for clingy

  • Don’t try to impress- Honesty is appreciated, so don’t be lying and say you have a flashy car or make up some dramatic story that never happened.

Image result for no lying

  • Compliment the house- Compliment the design, furniture, kitchen. Even if it means complimenting the wall paper or the color of the carpet.

Image result for complimenting people

  • When leaving- Tell them it was a pleasure to meet them and you had  wonderful day/evening. Show them your polite, kind and considerate.


  • Complementary gift- Maybe a bottle of their favorite wine?


Image result for wine


I hope you guys enjoyed this post! And good luck to all you guys out there who are meeting the in-laws for Christmas! See ya!

Full scale Titanic remake in China?!

Hey guys!

Recently, I was looking up facts about the Titanic, simply because I love history and Titanic is one of my favorite historical ships. So as I’m reading a fact file another article pops up in the recommended section in the corner of my screen and it’s about the Titanic in China, So curiosity got the better of me and I clicked it and began to read it’s content. At first I was kinda confused but then it began to make sense. The article was about a theme park in China that wanted to make the sinking of Titanic as a park ride…

The thing is, they are currently building a full scale Titanic as we speak that is set to continuously crash into an iceberg. (This is all a ride by the way) And the point of the ride is so that people can experience the sinking of the Titanic as if they were actually there in 1912. In my opinion, I personally feel as though remaking the sinking is disrespectful because hundreds of people died from that tragedy and it traumatized most of the survivors…and yet they want to make it a ride for entertainment…. It’s sad to think of a famous, horrific sinking to be linked to an amusement ride..:(

Titanic was the first cruise liner to ever set sail across the Atlantic ocean. Yet it went down half way during its maiden voyage. Every year on April 15th people mourn the loss of those who died with her and send their respects. But now I feel that her death has been taken advantage of as a publicity stunt.

The CEO of Star Energy Investment group had this to say “It’s not like a certain country owns this thing. Just like the US can make ‘Kung Fu Panda’ and that’s very common. Same with ‘Mulan’.” He also added that the Titanic had “universal value”.

You can read the full article here.

*R.I.P Titanic and her passengers* 

Favorite Christmas Movies #TOP10

Hey guys!

It’s getting closer to Christmas with only 14 days to go till Christmas Eve, and I wanted to share my favorite Christmas movies with you all so you can get a good idea on what to watch while you snuggle with a blanket, hot chocolate in hand and heating at a toasty 20 degrees!


10. Grinch

Image result for the grinch

9. Elf

Image result for elf


8. Santa Clause

Image result for santa clause movie

7. The Polar Express

Image result for the polar express

6. Scrooged

Image result for scrooged

5. A Christmas Carol

Image result for a christmas carol

4. Nightmare Before Christmas

Image result for nightmare before christmas

3. Jingle All The Way

Image result for jingle all the way

2. Christmas With The Kranks

Image result for christmas with the kranks

1. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

Related image

I hope you enjoyed this!

See Ya! X

Christmas gift idea’s

Image result for single music notesJINGLE BELLS, JINGLE BELLS, JINGLE ALL THE WAY!Image result for single music notes

Don’t you just LOVE Christmas? I know I do! It’s one of my favorite times of year!(Next to Halloween..who doesn’t like scaring kids..XD )

It’s that special time of year where chocolate calendars are released in stores and Santa Clause visits shopping centers and schools. You can blare Christmas hits from your stereo and hang decorations and decorate a tree. But my favorite part is the giving. I love buying a present I know someone will love and seeing their face when they open it on Christmas day. It’s just the feeling you get and it makes you feel good. To help all you desperate souls out there who are in need of a good idea for a present, I have come up with a list of ideas to help you!

  •  DVD- Everybody loves a good movie! Especially their favorite. For example: My sister is a huge Marvel fan. So for Christmas I’d get her Thor or The Incredible Hulk or The Amazing Spider man. Or say if she loved horrors, I’d get her her favorite horror or one that she hasn’t got that has good ratings


  • Good Book- I love a good book that’s full of romance and a bit of heartbreak. So for Christmas I’d love a book with a twist. If the person your getting a gift for  enjoys books, then a book is the way to go!


  • Cooking supplies- Maybe a new apron or a set of cutting knifes or a cook book!


  • Stationary- Pens, pencils, sharpeners, lined pad of paper, rulers…


  • Favorite CD- Maybe get their favorite groups CD? What could be better than to be able to listen to your favorite group on CD??


  • Art Supplies- Sketch book, paints, oil pastels…


  • Computer Games- Xbox, PS,PC,Wii….


  • TV Series- A complete box set will keep them occupied for a week….or two…or three XD


  • A box of goodies!-Sweets, naughty treats…You name it!


  •  Tickets to a comedy night out-A good night out is a good way to get out! And is worth a laugh!!


  • A DIY Kit-Great way to spice up a hobbie!


  • Fragrance- Jimmy Choo, Olympia, Diesel, Lynx…


  • Beverages- Nice bottle of wine? XD


  • Something Personalized- A wallet, mug, bracelet, necklace,ring, phone case…It’s a nice thought.


  • A Poster- Favorite celebrity, group, actor, singer, duo.


  • Sport- A football, basketball, cricket bat and ball, tennis racket…good way to get the heart pumping and calories burning!


I hope you guys got some good ideas for Christmas gifts!

See ya!!!






Hey guys!

I am super, mega excited right now! Literally jumping for joy! You’ll never guess whattttt! In 2018 I have been given the opportunity to go to Kenya for 4 weeks! AHA! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I really want to do it!….but there’s only one problem standing in…my..way….

The trip..costs…..£4000!! X(

As soon as I saw those figures I died a little inside XD But you can understand why right? Four grand is quite a lot XD But I haven’t lost hope! I was told two nights ago at a meeting that I have to pay a deposit of £389 by Wednesday…. Don’t know about you, but I think it’s way too soon. But then again it is a first come first serve thing so….ya.

I’ve organised a bake sale for Monday and Tuesday to raise money for my deposit but I’m worried it won’t be enough! There are also others who are fundraising like my friends who I’m doing a bake sale with. I want to ask you, my readers for a few minutes of you time, if you could check out my GoFundMe page? It would really mean a lot if you guys could check it out? And maybe even spread the word??

GoFundMe page

Jess’s GoFundMe page

Charlotte’s GoFundMe page

Kai’s GoFundMe page

If you guys could check them out, it would be much appreciated. The trip isn’t for amusement either. We will be working everyday by building schools, protecting animals from poachers, installing water tanks, teaching locals to grow crops.

As you can see, the whole idea of the trip is to learn different abilities and to understand what it is like in the poor regions. I will also be learning Swahili so I can communicate! This truly is a once in a life time opportunity. If you could take a minute of your time to check them out it would mean a lot or even goes a far as to donate a pound or two would be greatly appreciated!!!!!

See Ya!