MYNAME Concert Review London

Hello you awesome people!

A few months ago, I went on a trip to London to see a K-POP group called MYNAME!(I know it’s a late update, but I’ve been so busy with stupid life that I haven’t had time! But I wanted to do it so here it is!XD) It was their first Europe tour and their first time visiting London. There was 3 types of tickets: Standard, M&G (Meet&Greet) and VIP (Early entry and M&G). I had a VIP ticket which meant that the doors would open for me at 5pm then everyone else would go in at 6pm. But there was a rather long delay of at least an hour and 50 minutes so people were starting to get tired of standing. 10 minutes before the doors opened two members of staff came round with green wristbands for the VIP and Meet&Greet ticket holders. Once you entered the concert hall there was a stand selling merchandise and ticket upgrades for people with standard tickets to upgrade to M&G tickets. I thought this was a good idea because it gave others a chance to meet their idols.

But the problem was,there was loads of people for the meet and greet so it was rushed. I had made mini origami flowers for each of the boys, each had a different color and I couldn’t give it to them straight away because of how rushed it was and I ended up getting them on the side table just in time before I was ushered out. I could barely squeak a hello! I was kind of disappointed yet grateful at the same time because I got to meet them when many other didn’t have the privilege but It was only for a matter of 5 seconds. Even though the M&G could of been better, their performance was amazing! There was even air conditioning which was a must have in a crowded hall with hot lights heating the room!

They interacted with the crowd by waving posing for pictures , expressed their love for the fans by thanking them for the opportunity and had performed cover versions of western songs such as ‘See you again’ (Cover performed by JunQ and Insoo). They really are a talented group and deserve more recognition. If they came back to the UK, I would be more than happy to attend for another outstanding concert and I recommend them to you!


They have sung some really catchy songs with good beats such as ‘Baby I’m Sorry’, ‘Too Very So Much’ and ‘Just tell me’. You can get these songs off of iTunes and YouTube. You can also get updates on MYNAME by joining a Facebook group or liking their page and you can spread the love by purchasing an album or merchandise, by purchasing you are helping MYNAME grow and to become more well-known! A high light of the concert was the end when Insoo held up the British flag with MYNAME’s initial’s on it XD


You like Insoo’s abs?? Many MYGIRL’s did…..(Apologies for the bad quality! …Stupid camera)




Related image (I do not own this photo. But whoever took it has the                                                                           best camera ever…Look at that body! XD)


(Again! apologies for the bad quality XD)

Over all, these boys are very talented and are quite humorous with their music videos. They do not get the recognition they deserve and are a very good looking bunch ;)!

I hope you guys enjoyed this review! Cause I enjoyed writing it!

See ya!



‘Baby I’m Sorry’

‘Too Very So Much’

‘Just Tell Me’



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