Mini Story Time! (15+ only. Contains strong language)

(Disclaimer: This story was created by myself during a boring class of english XD I own the characters and the plot but not the title. Thank you!)

When Hell Comes Knocking

‘She was just standing there….glaring at us. Her face looked almost pale..emotionless.’

“Sarah?….Sarah? Can you hear me love?”

“It’s officer Jones. I don’t want to alarm you sweetheart, but I need you to walk towards me, away from the baby. Okay?”



“YOU CAN ‘T FUCKING DEFEAT ME. I AM IMMORTAL. EVEN IF YOU TRY TO DESTROY ME, YOU WILL ONLY FAIL, FOR I LIVE ON THROUGH THE BLOOD OF THE INNOCENT, THE WEAK, THE OLD” Sarah’s demonic scream echoed through out the rotting house. Her eyes had rolled to the back of her skull. Those beautiful blue eyes she once owned were now nothing but an endless,black abyss. Her skin was pale and cracked. Those pink lips had lost their color and was now painfully blistered. Her rich, black hair was no longer thick and full of volume. Instead it was straw-like; she had numerous bald patches from where she had ripped at her scalp.

“No Sarah! Don’t give in to it! It’s not you! You have to fight back Sarah!” Cried Officer Jones.

“Sarah’s dead bitch. She died a long fucking time ago.” cried Sarah as she began to scratch at her arms leaving cuts. Her sharp nails dug into her slowly rotting skin, tearing up her flesh as she howled it pain.

The baby behind her began to cry as it lay outstretched on the sacrificing table. It cried for its mother, wriggling about, trying to control its body it’s still not used to. But the wrong attention was caught. Sarah turned with her back to the officer as she approached the crying baby with out stretched hands. Her weak, broken feet dragged against the dirt, kicking up stones and worms.

Officer Jones took out her gun. Preparing to shoot. She watched in distraught as Sarah held the child in her bony hands. She aimed her pistol at Sarah’s head ready to pull the trigger, until Sarah had turned around, blocking the officers shot with the baby. Jones knew she had to act fast but if she pulled the trigger she would kill the baby, but if she didn’t then the baby would be gruesomely sacrificed…..

One bullet. One target. One hostage. What will she do?…





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