Brussel Sprouts Are Evil…


Hey guys!

I wasn’t too sure what to name this post so…. I made one up…XD (But seriously though. Sprouts are evil… keep that in mind). Recently I sprained my wrist by the most unlikely thing ever. You want to know how? Okay! Here it is:………(I’m fat)

You think I’m kidding? You guessed wrong! Because that’s how I sprained my wrist! I’m on the chubby side and putting ALL your weight on one hand whilst weighing 14 stone isn’t very clever. I’m surprised with myself for not thinking XD

Here is what happened: (Get your snacks, drinks and pillows ready because it’s story time)

It’s a normal Thursday afternoon and I’m at school during a double lesson of P.E in the sports hall with my buds waiting to be assigned to our sport. I’m sitting with my friend Nathan in a line for Badminton and my other friends Michaela and Charnely are in the line beside us for table tennis. Anyway, Sir announces that one of the P.E teachers will do a double lesson of mini games including dodge ball, bench ball, netball and other games. (If your thinking I sprained my wrist during one of those games, think again.)

Sir then says that if anyone wants to switch sport then they can and literally the hole line for table tennis stood up and went to the line for the mini games leaving Michaela, Charn and two other girls by themselves XD Me and Nathan (evil as we are) couldn’t help but laugh, but then Nathan suggested to move to the table tennis line to join Michaela and Charn so they weren’t lonesome XD

(Here comes the spraining of my wrist)

Nathan kinda scooted over to the other line (more or less slid across the floor), and I did some kind of crab walk to the line. ( You know when your half standing half sitting and you put your weight on your hands and move with your feet? That’s what I call a crab walk.) As I put pressure on my left hand, I felt it bend backward toward the floor and I heard a slight click/snap. I was grossed out and in pain at the same time (p.s. I have never broken or sprained anything before so I didn’t know what to do XD). The pain was quite intense and lasted over night too. I ended up going to the minor injuries unit at my local hospital to have it checked the following morning and boy! Did I feel stupid! I went in there thinking I had done something terrible, only to find it was soft tissue damage….XD

But I’m okay now! I had a bit of grief earlier today but I’m all good. The nurse even said that it could take up to 6 weeks to heal 😦 Hopefully It will heal sooner 🙂

Okay! I hope you enjoyed this ‘story’ of mine and let me know if you liked it or not by liking the post or commenting so I know if I should write more! Also feel free to share my content!

See ya! X

If anyone who is reading this, is having a bad day, I hope this cheers you up!


Scrolling through my photos and came across this beauty. Isn’t it just fabulous!!??



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