Why Do I Have So Many Posts Labelled ‘Its Been A While’?

Maybe its because I want to.

Hey guys!

Again, I’m sorry it’s been a while and I’m afraid I have no excuse. But I promise I’ll make it up to you all! Anyway, I know a while back I said I would start a YouTube channel, and I’m working on it, but I have so much going on, I have no time for anything I want to do. School is pressuring and I feel kinda suffocated. But that’s what you get when your under going the last year of school before you go on to sixth form, college or university.

It’s important to try your best but remember that you can’t expect to do amazingly when you don’t put in the effort. That’s what I’m doing. Girls and boys my age worry about leaving school single, but what they don’t understand is that you can always get a boyfriend/girlfriend later in life, but your education only happens once. And once you cross that line from school to work, there is no turning back. You MUST make the most of it. I know I seem to lecture a lot about school and work but I just want everyone to do well in life. If I ever become famous, I want to influence and inspire everyone to do their best.

Another thing, this topic came up in a conversation I had a while back and I thought I’d talk about it. Teen mums.

This intrigued me a bit because it seems to be happening a lot lately where girls as young as 15-16 are already settling down and having kids. And to be honest, I don’t find it that bad simply because for one: It’s not my business. Secondly: It’s their choice. And thirdly: If they are happy and planned for their pregnancy, then who am I to tell them wrong? Some of you probably think that teen mums have no idea what their doing and that they’ve ruined their lives but it all really depends how they handle the situation. If they want a baby, let them. And for parents out there, who are in the situation where their son or daughter is to have a baby or wants to at a young age and you don’t want them to, all I can say is do not attack them for it. Don’t argue with them, instead sit them down and talk it through with them. I have a few friends at school who wish to be parents as soon as and I want them to ask themselves this:

  • Ask them why.
  • Ask them how they plan to care for their child.
  • Ask them if it is truly what they want.
  • Talk in a calm yet firm voice. (Shouting can cause an argument and intrigue them more)
  • Ask them what they are going to do about money. ( schooling, play groups)
  • Ask them what they plan to do about their own education. (Must they have a baby now? Or can it wait?)
  • Go through ways of contraception.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and got some good points from it. Let me know your thought’s in the comment section!

See ya!


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