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Mini Story Time! (15+ only. Contains strong language)

(Disclaimer: This story was created by myself during a boring class of english XD I own the characters and the plot but not the title. Thank you!)

When Hell Comes Knocking

‘She was just standing there….glaring at us. Her face looked almost pale..emotionless.’

“Sarah?….Sarah? Can you hear me love?”

“It’s officer Jones. I don’t want to alarm you sweetheart, but I need you to walk towards me, away from the baby. Okay?”



“YOU CAN ‘T FUCKING DEFEAT ME. I AM IMMORTAL. EVEN IF YOU TRY TO DESTROY ME, YOU WILL ONLY FAIL, FOR I LIVE ON THROUGH THE BLOOD OF THE INNOCENT, THE WEAK, THE OLD” Sarah’s demonic scream echoed through out the rotting house. Her eyes had rolled to the back of her skull. Those beautiful blue eyes she once owned were now nothing but an endless,black abyss. Her skin was pale and cracked. Those pink lips had lost their color and was now painfully blistered. Her rich, black hair was no longer thick and full of volume. Instead it was straw-like; she had numerous bald patches from where she had ripped at her scalp.

“No Sarah! Don’t give in to it! It’s not you! You have to fight back Sarah!” Cried Officer Jones.

“Sarah’s dead bitch. She died a long fucking time ago.” cried Sarah as she began to scratch at her arms leaving cuts. Her sharp nails dug into her slowly rotting skin, tearing up her flesh as she howled it pain.

The baby behind her began to cry as it lay outstretched on the sacrificing table. It cried for its mother, wriggling about, trying to control its body it’s still not used to. But the wrong attention was caught. Sarah turned with her back to the officer as she approached the crying baby with out stretched hands. Her weak, broken feet dragged against the dirt, kicking up stones and worms.

Officer Jones took out her gun. Preparing to shoot. She watched in distraught as Sarah held the child in her bony hands. She aimed her pistol at Sarah’s head ready to pull the trigger, until Sarah had turned around, blocking the officers shot with the baby. Jones knew she had to act fast but if she pulled the trigger she would kill the baby, but if she didn’t then the baby would be gruesomely sacrificed…..

One bullet. One target. One hostage. What will she do?…





MYNAME Concert Review London

Hello you awesome people!

A few months ago, I went on a trip to London to see a K-POP group called MYNAME!(I know it’s a late update, but I’ve been so busy with stupid life that I haven’t had time! But I wanted to do it so here it is!XD) It was their first Europe tour and their first time visiting London. There was 3 types of tickets: Standard, M&G (Meet&Greet) and VIP (Early entry and M&G). I had a VIP ticket which meant that the doors would open for me at 5pm then everyone else would go in at 6pm. But there was a rather long delay of at least an hour and 50 minutes so people were starting to get tired of standing. 10 minutes before the doors opened two members of staff came round with green wristbands for the VIP and Meet&Greet ticket holders. Once you entered the concert hall there was a stand selling merchandise and ticket upgrades for people with standard tickets to upgrade to M&G tickets. I thought this was a good idea because it gave others a chance to meet their idols.

But the problem was,there was loads of people for the meet and greet so it was rushed. I had made mini origami flowers for each of the boys, each had a different color and I couldn’t give it to them straight away because of how rushed it was and I ended up getting them on the side table just in time before I was ushered out. I could barely squeak a hello! I was kind of disappointed yet grateful at the same time because I got to meet them when many other didn’t have the privilege but It was only for a matter of 5 seconds. Even though the M&G could of been better, their performance was amazing! There was even air conditioning which was a must have in a crowded hall with hot lights heating the room!

They interacted with the crowd by waving posing for pictures , expressed their love for the fans by thanking them for the opportunity and had performed cover versions of western songs such as ‘See you again’ (Cover performed by JunQ and Insoo). They really are a talented group and deserve more recognition. If they came back to the UK, I would be more than happy to attend for another outstanding concert and I recommend them to you!


They have sung some really catchy songs with good beats such as ‘Baby I’m Sorry’, ‘Too Very So Much’ and ‘Just tell me’. You can get these songs off of iTunes and YouTube. You can also get updates on MYNAME by joining a Facebook group or liking their page and you can spread the love by purchasing an album or merchandise, by purchasing you are helping MYNAME grow and to become more well-known! A high light of the concert was the end when Insoo held up the British flag with MYNAME’s initial’s on it XD


You like Insoo’s abs?? Many MYGIRL’s did…..(Apologies for the bad quality! …Stupid camera)




Related image (I do not own this photo. But whoever took it has the                                                                           best camera ever…Look at that body! XD)


(Again! apologies for the bad quality XD)

Over all, these boys are very talented and are quite humorous with their music videos. They do not get the recognition they deserve and are a very good looking bunch ;)!

I hope you guys enjoyed this review! Cause I enjoyed writing it!

See ya!



‘Baby I’m Sorry’

‘Too Very So Much’

‘Just Tell Me’


Jokes That Are Bound To Make Your Day!

Hey Guys!

This intro is only gonna be short so you can get on to reading some of the jokes that I have in store! Having a bad day? Then read some of these!

  1. A man asks a farmer near a field,”Sorry sir, would you mind if I crossed your field instead of going around it? You see, I have to catch the 4:23 train.” The farmer says “Sure! Go right ahead. And if my bull see’s you, you’ll even catch the 4:11 one.”


2.  “Anton. Do you think I’m a bad mother to you?”………”My name is Paul….”


3. Coco Chanel once said that you shouldn’t put perfume on places where you want to               be kissed by a man. But hell does that burn!


4. What’s the worst thing about being lonely?……….Playing Frisbee…


5.It’s so cold outside that I saw a politician with his hands in his own pockets.


6.I can’t believe I forgot to go to the gym today! That’s 7 years in a row!


7.A naked woman robbed a bank. She wasn’t caught because no one could remember                her face.


8. The 21st Century: Deleting history is often more important than making it.


9. “You are so kind, funny and beautiful!”…..”Oh come on! You’re just saying that to                    get me to bed!”……..”And smart too!”


10.Two guys are out hunting in the woods when one of them collapses. He doesn’t                        appear to be breathing, his eyes are glazed over. The other man pulls out his phone                with trembling fingers and calls 911. He gasps, “My friend is dead! What can I do?”

The operator says “Please stay calm. I will help you. First of all, let’s make sure                        he’s dead.” There’s a silence, then a gun shot. The guy gets back on the phone and                says “OK, now what?”

11. Dentist: “You need a crown.”

Patient: “Finally someone who understands me”

12.A wife is like a hand grenade. Take off the ring and say good bye to your house.

13.What do you get when you cross-breed a cow and a shark?

I don’t know, but I wouldn’t enjoy milking it.


14. Wife arrives home late at night from a business trip and quietly opens the door to                    her bedroom. But she notices four legs instead of two peeking from under the                          blanket!

Seized by a fit of rage, she reaches for the baseball bat and starts hitting the                              blanket until the screaming stops.

Still in shock, she lurches to the kitchen to have a drink. As she enters, she sees                      her husband there, reading a magazine.

“Oh welcome home darling,” he says, “my parents came for a visit, so I let them                       have our bedroom. I hope you said hello.”

15. How to seduce a fat chick? Piece of cake.

And that’s the end! I hope you guys enjoyed the jokes! I know I did! If you did enjoy it then give the post a thumbs up! Thank you!

See ya!

(Disclaimer: I do not own any of these jokes)

The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 1 (Contains Spoilers)

Hey guys!

I don’t know about you, but season 7 episode 1 got me like :,(

I’ve never been so upset with a TV series before XD

I’m spacing my writing out because when you look at my post you can read the first paragraph and this post will include spoilers, so if you still haven’t seen it, then please do not read any further!!!!


Anyway!  Who else didn’t see that double death coming? When I found out that Negan had picked Abraham I was really sad at first because I loved Abraham! He was tough on the outside but was sweet on the inside. I kinda had an idea that he was going to die though, I mean, he didn’t have much of a story. And I also think that maybe the script writers ran out of ideas for him too. Glenn’s death was a shocker and was also kind of hinted by the comics. In the comics Glenn is chosen to have his brain bashed and the only one, so I guess they still decided to go along with the comic and they may of also ran out of ideas for him.

I’m glad that Daryl didn’t die because he is also one of my favorites along with Michonne. I had four favorite’s and two died…any idea how distressing that is? 😦 Some people are saying that they won’t watch Walking Dead anymore because Glenn died or Abraham died, I’m watching it for the group because I want to know how they plan to take action against Negan!

So many of my friends have said that the double death was a shocker and a gruesome one yet sad. What I found sad was how they both said goodbye to certain people in the group.

(Contains blood)

Abraham’s goodbye to Sasha:



Glenn’s goodbye to Maggie:

“I’ll find you”

maggie glenn.jpg

Who didn’t cry? I sure did.

I kinda wish they had more of a noble death if you know what I mean? Like maybe saving the group by sacrificing themselves (although they kinda did) by choice. Abraham’s death got me because of how he knew it was his time and took it bravely, Glenn’s was just…. I really didn’t see it coming and was hoping it wouldn’t, but it did. I’m sure many of you were shocked by season 7 episode 1 and are still trying to recover but you have to remember. It’s a T.V show and these hunks are still around!













I hope you guys enjoyed this post, I’d love to hear you thoughts on the episode so let me know in the comments below! What do you think the group will do? Join Negan? Or fight back? Can’t wait to find out!

See ya!



Brussel Sprouts Are Evil…


Hey guys!

I wasn’t too sure what to name this post so…. I made one up…XD (But seriously though. Sprouts are evil… keep that in mind). Recently I sprained my wrist by the most unlikely thing ever. You want to know how? Okay! Here it is:………(I’m fat)

You think I’m kidding? You guessed wrong! Because that’s how I sprained my wrist! I’m on the chubby side and putting ALL your weight on one hand whilst weighing 14 stone isn’t very clever. I’m surprised with myself for not thinking XD

Here is what happened: (Get your snacks, drinks and pillows ready because it’s story time)

It’s a normal Thursday afternoon and I’m at school during a double lesson of P.E in the sports hall with my buds waiting to be assigned to our sport. I’m sitting with my friend Nathan in a line for Badminton and my other friends Michaela and Charnely are in the line beside us for table tennis. Anyway, Sir announces that one of the P.E teachers will do a double lesson of mini games including dodge ball, bench ball, netball and other games. (If your thinking I sprained my wrist during one of those games, think again.)

Sir then says that if anyone wants to switch sport then they can and literally the hole line for table tennis stood up and went to the line for the mini games leaving Michaela, Charn and two other girls by themselves XD Me and Nathan (evil as we are) couldn’t help but laugh, but then Nathan suggested to move to the table tennis line to join Michaela and Charn so they weren’t lonesome XD

(Here comes the spraining of my wrist)

Nathan kinda scooted over to the other line (more or less slid across the floor), and I did some kind of crab walk to the line. ( You know when your half standing half sitting and you put your weight on your hands and move with your feet? That’s what I call a crab walk.) As I put pressure on my left hand, I felt it bend backward toward the floor and I heard a slight click/snap. I was grossed out and in pain at the same time (p.s. I have never broken or sprained anything before so I didn’t know what to do XD). The pain was quite intense and lasted over night too. I ended up going to the minor injuries unit at my local hospital to have it checked the following morning and boy! Did I feel stupid! I went in there thinking I had done something terrible, only to find it was soft tissue damage….XD

But I’m okay now! I had a bit of grief earlier today but I’m all good. The nurse even said that it could take up to 6 weeks to heal 😦 Hopefully It will heal sooner 🙂

Okay! I hope you enjoyed this ‘story’ of mine and let me know if you liked it or not by liking the post or commenting so I know if I should write more! Also feel free to share my content!

See ya! X

If anyone who is reading this, is having a bad day, I hope this cheers you up!


Scrolling through my photos and came across this beauty. Isn’t it just fabulous!!??


Why Do I Have So Many Posts Labelled ‘Its Been A While’?

Maybe its because I want to.

Hey guys!

Again, I’m sorry it’s been a while and I’m afraid I have no excuse. But I promise I’ll make it up to you all! Anyway, I know a while back I said I would start a YouTube channel, and I’m working on it, but I have so much going on, I have no time for anything I want to do. School is pressuring and I feel kinda suffocated. But that’s what you get when your under going the last year of school before you go on to sixth form, college or university.

It’s important to try your best but remember that you can’t expect to do amazingly when you don’t put in the effort. That’s what I’m doing. Girls and boys my age worry about leaving school single, but what they don’t understand is that you can always get a boyfriend/girlfriend later in life, but your education only happens once. And once you cross that line from school to work, there is no turning back. You MUST make the most of it. I know I seem to lecture a lot about school and work but I just want everyone to do well in life. If I ever become famous, I want to influence and inspire everyone to do their best.

Another thing, this topic came up in a conversation I had a while back and I thought I’d talk about it. Teen mums.

This intrigued me a bit because it seems to be happening a lot lately where girls as young as 15-16 are already settling down and having kids. And to be honest, I don’t find it that bad simply because for one: It’s not my business. Secondly: It’s their choice. And thirdly: If they are happy and planned for their pregnancy, then who am I to tell them wrong? Some of you probably think that teen mums have no idea what their doing and that they’ve ruined their lives but it all really depends how they handle the situation. If they want a baby, let them. And for parents out there, who are in the situation where their son or daughter is to have a baby or wants to at a young age and you don’t want them to, all I can say is do not attack them for it. Don’t argue with them, instead sit them down and talk it through with them. I have a few friends at school who wish to be parents as soon as and I want them to ask themselves this:

  • Ask them why.
  • Ask them how they plan to care for their child.
  • Ask them if it is truly what they want.
  • Talk in a calm yet firm voice. (Shouting can cause an argument and intrigue them more)
  • Ask them what they are going to do about money. ( schooling, play groups)
  • Ask them what they plan to do about their own education. (Must they have a baby now? Or can it wait?)
  • Go through ways of contraception.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and got some good points from it. Let me know your thought’s in the comment section!

See ya!