Back To School Again!

Hey guys!

I know I already have a post labelled ‘Back To School’ but that was before I actually returned to school. My new year as year 11 (Senior) started on Wednesday 31st of August…kinda early don’t you think? To me it is. My school took an entire week off our holiday and gave us 3 days in return in October. It may not sound that bad but last year we had a week off in our summer and a week added in October. They’ve done this because they believe that we as pupils have too much time off of school and that we will forget what we have learnt. In my opinion I think they hold a valuable point but as a student, It bothers me. I forget quite often! I agree with their point because I was given maths homework to complete over the holidays and I had completely forgotten how to work it all out! I don’t agree because they are cutting short our time to ourselves with family and friends and have bought that last week of panic and stress closer. Not only that but no letters were sent out to announce the cut so parents didn’t know!. ( Guys…I apologize for this rant but I REALLY needed to get it off my chest..XD)

Anyway, on the lighter side I got to buy my stationary!!! My mum was like ” Whats all this for then?” My reply ” For school of course! Not for my own use of random drawing, organizing of plans for stories I’m going to write and most DEFINITELY not for my own entertainment…XD”. I swear, each time I go to a shop I always return with something from the stationary aisle and my excuse each time is “But I need it!”. I  got my results back from my Statistics Exam and I found out I got a pass, which is a C. Every one of my family is proud of me but I’m not proud. I was 6 marks off a B but I can’t change it now. I’m going to have to live with that. I think I would of done better if I did my exam in year 11 than in year 10.

The school has chosen my year to muck around with by bringing one of our GCSE exams forward so we had less time to prepare which I along with others find it unfair. I also had a meeting with a woman who speaks to students with bad attendances. It’s not like I bunk or anything its just I have a bad history with going into school and panicking for no reason. I also found out that as a student I am only allowed a week off in an entire school year……How ridiculous is that?!?!?!. It’s not my fault I’m sick a lot! I have a six year old brother in primary school and he brings all sorts home and passes it to me! What am I supposed to do? Oh I know! I’ll come in with a gastric bug a puke on everyone! How does that sound? XD

I’m sorry, I’m ranting again..XD But I hope you guys understand! Their messing with my brain!! (Stupid school life XD)

Okay..I’m going to stop here. But I hope you guys enjoyed this and that some of you can relate XD

Lots of love! X

P.S. My next post will be about shoes…really cool ones…that I love. XD (Hint: They light up XD)


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