Back To School!

Hey guys!

It’s coming to the end of our summer holiday and I know people don’t like to be reminded. Believe me I know, I’m one of them. 2 weeks ago I went to Morrison’s to pick up some cake ingredients for my sisters birthday cake (I’ll add a picture so you can see how hard I worked) and I got side tracked by the aisle of stationary! (F.Y.I. I love stationary. Don’t ask XD) And while I was browsing all the different varieties of sketch pads, colorful pens and sticky notes, I happened to notice a section of the aisle taken up by a sign with the dreaded words of “BACK TO SCHOOL!”….. I was not happy. I mean, here I am enjoying my holiday when all of a sudden I get a sign to remind me of uniforms, subjects, teachers (not that I have anything against teachers but..) also to remind me that I have to go BACK. I’m sure some of you can agree with me, right? When your at school, it’s tiring, boring, has an atmosphere of stress. Instead of calling it school, they should call it “Welcome To The Stress Building!” XD (I’m kidding!..Or am I?)

My point is, is that we as students have different opinion to everyone else. Some may love school, and if you do, then that’s really good! If you hate school, join the club. If your just okay with it then that’s fine also. But what we don’t know is that there are people in the world who have left school, got a job and a home of their own who would love to go back to school. Some would do it for a day, some for a year and some would do it all over again for a chance of a better grade or just a chance to be a kid again. This post is mainly to raise awareness I guess. Just to say, don’t waste your time. This is your only chance to do well. I’m not saying study everyday or that you can’t do what you want to do, I’m saying try in school. Because once you leave school that’s it (Except if you do bad in your GCSE then you have a second chance but that’s it) I’m year 11 when I go back. I have one year left of school before I move on to college or stay for sixth form until I complete my course. In this year, I have to work as hard as I can, and I plan to. Knowing how hard I have to work, really got to me. Knowing this is the year that I get my overall school grade made me think. I need to do this, and do it well. XD

Anyway, I apologize for the long post and the reminder but I had to do it! I wish everyone luck on their return to school and work.

Lots of love! X


P.s. Mortal Kombat cake ‘Sub-Zero’


Created by myself and BeautyLabs93. With contribution from Madison and Kieron!


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