Today, Is A Good Day. So Many Things To Share.

Hello Everyone!

I’m guessing your wondering ‘Why is today a good day?’ well, I’m not quite sure. Do you ever wake up one morning, in a fantastic mood? I did today. Because I had a dream that one day my hard work will pay off, and I know that if I do keep working hard, I will achieve. I also realized that life is too short to stand by and watch, its about taking chances and living in the moment. Now I don’t mean, hurl yourself off a cliff or anything, I mean do the things you want to do. Spend time with your family and friends, go out, explore the world. I hate to say it but spend as much time as you can with your loved ones, because you never know when will be the last goodbye. I don’t mean to be morbid but it just got me thinking. All I’m saying is live your life to the fullest.

Okay, so this post dropped in mood quickly and I am so sorry guys! Lets lighten up a bit.

Any way, today is mostly a good day because I found out that one of my bias groups are coming to London for a concert! XD BEST.DAY.EVER. The group is Block B, a K-POP group. They have such catchy music and their music videos are very creative! Usually when someone has a bias group, they have a bias within the group. In my case I don’t because I can’t choose! They are all very talented. And knowing that they are coming to London for their Europe tour…YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!


(My uncle and my little cousin)

I also went to Barton’s Point and ended up running into a friend from school! I went to Barton’s Point with some of my relatives where we went out on row boats and canoes on the river and we fed some swans too! We also became little kids and went to the childrens play area XD


(My uncle and cousins boyfriend)

It really was a good day. How has your day been? I hope it was good! Thank you for reading!

Lots of love! X


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