I Know I Only Posted 2 Days Ago About This But….

Guys…I have results and I’ve only been on boosters for 2 days..

Before I started boosters as I said my stomach was quite big and I hated it..But today I look in the mirror, and my stomach has shrunk! Like REALLY shrunk.

what happened edit.png


As I was saying, my stomach has shrunk! And I also find that after meals, I have the full feeling for hours and my hunger isn’t overly consistent like it was before. When I noticed the difference I was like YAAAAAAAASSSS! I’m getting closer to my goallllll! Happy Dayss! It just made me really happy, knowing I’m doing well! Okay so this post is shorter than I thought it would be, but I just HAD to write about it! I’m so happy!

When I finish boosters, I’ll write another post about my transformation. Or better yet, I’ll do a blog diary of my journey! That sounds better. And along the way, I can give tips on weight loss! Yes, that’ll work. Okay, I’m blabbering on again. I’ll post again soon!

Lots of love! X



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