Where Have I Been? Eating, Sleeping, Losing Weight..Wait! What?!

Hey Guys!

I’ve decided to really have a go at losing weight mainly because of how insecure I feel when I go out and when I wear clothes that are not so flabby friendly..XD  I decided to take action a few days ago when I purchased from a Juice plus+ mentor who sold me boosters. I have to take one sachet three times a day. You take one 30 minutes before breakfast, 30 minutes before lunch and 30 minutes before dinner. Although the taste in not so great, it reduces hunger and will give an energy boost! I’m one for food and I get hungry often due to my stomach being used to big meals, and I started these boosts today and I found that I wasn’t as hungry as I usually am, and I had a boost of adrenaline that helped me tidy the whole house XD

I was told to take the boosters differently than what it says so you don’t taste the powder because its certainly not nice! It says to pour the contents into a glass of water, dissolve it, then drink it, but instead I pour some water into my mouth and pour half the content in and swallow to not get much taste. Then I do it again with the other half and TA-DA! Its over and done with in less than 10 seconds. But if any of you guys do boosters then do it what ever way makes you feel comfortable. Okay?

I have about 85 sachets to get through and if it works out well then I will do another post to show you guys my transformation! Also Juice Plus can be used by anyone. A friend of mine is a mentor of Juice Plus and she told me how there are men who have joined, pregnant women and a few epilepsy sufferers. Teens can do it too but to purchase the boosters, shakes, and capsules, parents will have to purchase them. There is also a Facebook page where people can ask questions about Juice Plus and share healthy, delicious recipes and meet new people under going the diet. I’m not one for diets to be honest or exercise for that matter but I have never been so determined before!

I have three events taking place at the end of this year that I plan to lose weight for. I have a concert in September to go see MYNAME and I get to meet them afterwards. I also plan to go see Block B in October and of course back to school at the end of August where I hopefully wont feel uncomfortable wearing a skirt! XD. I’ve had weight troubles for years now and with prom round the corner, I want to wear a dress and not feel like a barell. I also want to go shopping with out feeling intimidated and down when I see a beautiful dress that I know I couldn’t fit in. For 4 years I’ve been fighting my weight, by that I mean I started loosing weight then suddenly stopped because of something and gained it all back again. But this time when I lose weight I will keep going until I get my dream bod 😉 If there is anyone out there struggling with weight loss and want to talk about it to someone, then I’m your girl! 🙂 Just private message me on Facebook or Twitter and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. We are all in this together guys!

Lots of love! x


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