At…Last….(0_0) My Pokémon Has Come Home!

Hey guys!

Please don’t ask about the title okay, I’ve had Etta James in my head for the past hour XD Anyway, so the latest rave/trend is all about Pokémon Go! and nearly everyone is playing it. It’s become so popular that the game has crashed multiple times and it has become difficult to create a character due to its popularity. I am indeed guilty for having the game and I must say, it’s really addictive. I’m level 7 and I have over 40 Pokémon… am I sad? Nope. But this game is very effective if you need an excuse to go for a jog or walk. For me though, my nearest pokéstore is 2 miles away which helps me in two ways: Exercise!! (I’m not as enthusiastic about exercising as you think…XD) and I can hatch my eggs!! Problem is, is that when I walk 2 miles to hatch an egg, I always get a Pidgey…a Pidgey guys.

This…this is a Pidgey.

Some of you are probably saying “Yo! Whats wrong with a Pidgey?” You want to know whats wrong? I have 13 of them, that’s whats wrong and I’m tired of getting the same Pokémon you know?XD I want something different that I haven’t caught yet. And that pokéstop I was talking about, it actually doesn’t work 0_0. It’s sad I know…very sad XD. But hey! Enough of my ranting. What I would like to know is how many Pokémon trainers there are out there? Quite a lot, most likely.

My first Pokémon was Bulbasaur! But I didn’t pick him purposely though, my phone began to freeze and chose for me XD Maybe it was a sign?…..nah. I’ve only just realized how long this post is..XD Have fun reading guys! I won’t write for too long because I have a habit of really getting into something and not stopping. For example: If you guys aren’t careful, this post will turn into a novel XD

Lots of love x

P.s. I think Bulbasaur is really cute.

I mean look! he  looks like he has a cabbage on his back!!!

P.p.s: Bulbasaur can be a boy or girl so lets just pretend its a boy 🙂


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