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Back To School!

Hey guys!

It’s coming to the end of our summer holiday and I know people don’t like to be reminded. Believe me I know, I’m one of them. 2 weeks ago I went to Morrison’s to pick up some cake ingredients for my sisters birthday cake (I’ll add a picture so you can see how hard I worked) and I got side tracked by the aisle of stationary! (F.Y.I. I love stationary. Don’t ask XD) And while I was browsing all the different varieties of sketch pads, colorful pens and sticky notes, I happened to notice a section of the aisle taken up by a sign with the dreaded words of “BACK TO SCHOOL!”….. I was not happy. I mean, here I am enjoying my holiday when all of a sudden I get a sign to remind me of uniforms, subjects, teachers (not that I have anything against teachers but..) also to remind me that I have to go BACK. I’m sure some of you can agree with me, right? When your at school, it’s tiring, boring, has an atmosphere of stress. Instead of calling it school, they should call it “Welcome To The Stress Building!” XD (I’m kidding!..Or am I?)

My point is, is that we as students have different opinion to everyone else. Some may love school, and if you do, then that’s really good! If you hate school, join the club. If your just okay with it then that’s fine also. But what we don’t know is that there are people in the world who have left school, got a job and a home of their own who would love to go back to school. Some would do it for a day, some for a year and some would do it all over again for a chance of a better grade or just a chance to be a kid again. This post is mainly to raise awareness I guess. Just to say, don’t waste your time. This is your only chance to do well. I’m not saying study everyday or that you can’t do what you want to do, I’m saying try in school. Because once you leave school that’s it (Except if you do bad in your GCSE then you have a second chance but that’s it) I’m year 11 when I go back. I have one year left of school before I move on to college or stay for sixth form until I complete my course. In this year, I have to work as hard as I can, and I plan to. Knowing how hard I have to work, really got to me. Knowing this is the year that I get my overall school grade made me think. I need to do this, and do it well. XD

Anyway, I apologize for the long post and the reminder but I had to do it! I wish everyone luck on their return to school and work.

Lots of love! X


P.s. Mortal Kombat cake ‘Sub-Zero’


Created by myself and BeautyLabs93. With contribution from Madison and Kieron!


What I Love About Summer!

Hey guys!

So what do you think about Summer? I for one like it. A lot. But I’m afraid that I don’t love it as much as Autumn and Winter and spring. Of course with Summer you have the hot sun, visits to the beach, holidays, sun bathing, shorts, night outs with friends. But Autumn is a beautiful season, with the colourful leaves floating down from the trees layering the ground with different shades of orange and brown. The introduction to comfy, warm clothing and hot drinks and stews. And Halloween! I love Halloween and dressing up my brother to make him look scary XD Not to forget Bonfire night! Fireworks, candyfloss, donuts, much fun! And last but not least, say goodbye to sunburn! XD

Winter is a favorite of mine because…well…SNOW! Snowball fights, snowmen, winter walks in the morning, hot chocolate, excuse to stay in bed and watch movies and TV series (The Walking Dead cough cough cough XD), CHRISTMAS!, New Years and of course winter fashion!!!! Last but not least, Spring!

I love spring because its blooming season! All the different colors and the birth of fluffy animals being welcomed to the world. Also longer evenings, when daylight is still present at 8pm. Bumble bees, butterflies and dragonflies are out and loving the new weather and flowers. And last of all, family days out, maybe for a nice meal? 🙂

What is your favorite season? I’d love to know!

Lots of love! X 🙂

Today, Is A Good Day. So Many Things To Share.

Hello Everyone!

I’m guessing your wondering ‘Why is today a good day?’ well, I’m not quite sure. Do you ever wake up one morning, in a fantastic mood? I did today. Because I had a dream that one day my hard work will pay off, and I know that if I do keep working hard, I will achieve. I also realized that life is too short to stand by and watch, its about taking chances and living in the moment. Now I don’t mean, hurl yourself off a cliff or anything, I mean do the things you want to do. Spend time with your family and friends, go out, explore the world. I hate to say it but spend as much time as you can with your loved ones, because you never know when will be the last goodbye. I don’t mean to be morbid but it just got me thinking. All I’m saying is live your life to the fullest.

Okay, so this post dropped in mood quickly and I am so sorry guys! Lets lighten up a bit.

Any way, today is mostly a good day because I found out that one of my bias groups are coming to London for a concert! XD BEST.DAY.EVER. The group is Block B, a K-POP group. They have such catchy music and their music videos are very creative! Usually when someone has a bias group, they have a bias within the group. In my case I don’t because I can’t choose! They are all very talented. And knowing that they are coming to London for their Europe tour…YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!


(My uncle and my little cousin)

I also went to Barton’s Point and ended up running into a friend from school! I went to Barton’s Point with some of my relatives where we went out on row boats and canoes on the river and we fed some swans too! We also became little kids and went to the childrens play area XD


(My uncle and cousins boyfriend)

It really was a good day. How has your day been? I hope it was good! Thank you for reading!

Lots of love! X

YouTube….Should I?

Hey guys!

Lately, I’ve been thinking about starting a YouTube account and vlogging my material..But I’m not quite sure if that’s the way to go? I mean, I want to start a YouTube channel, but I have difficulty remembering certain things! For instance, I’ll start recording and talking about a topic, and in my head I think it’s going fine and I look okay, but truth is, my voice doesn’t sound very enthusiastic and to top it off, I have a face like thunder..XD

Sooo…. yeah, I’m not quite sure what to do! I’m going to be honest with you but I have a horrible resting b&tch face XD I’ll be at school, and suddenly have 5 or 6 people come up to me and say “Are you okay? Has someone upset you?” And I’m like…Whaaa? I know what I’m about to say is off topic but I find that when I do my make-up in the morning before school, I look really nice but as the day goes on to break time, I look like I just woke up and that I couldn’t be bothered to even try. My face needs to be happy. If it’s not happy, then who would want to watch it?! XD

You guys are probably thinking, go for it! But I’m going to think it over some more, when I decide I’ll post on twitter and my Facebook page. So if you guys want updates, then follow my twitter or Facebook page, or both! Both accounts will give updates of all my material I post. I’d really appreciate it! And I would love to here your opinions too!

Lots of love! x

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You see? Aren’t I nice! I made it easier for you! XD

I Know I Only Posted 2 Days Ago About This But….

Guys…I have results and I’ve only been on boosters for 2 days..

Before I started boosters as I said my stomach was quite big and I hated it..But today I look in the mirror, and my stomach has shrunk! Like REALLY shrunk.

what happened edit.png


As I was saying, my stomach has shrunk! And I also find that after meals, I have the full feeling for hours and my hunger isn’t overly consistent like it was before. When I noticed the difference I was like YAAAAAAAASSSS! I’m getting closer to my goallllll! Happy Dayss! It just made me really happy, knowing I’m doing well! Okay so this post is shorter than I thought it would be, but I just HAD to write about it! I’m so happy!

When I finish boosters, I’ll write another post about my transformation. Or better yet, I’ll do a blog diary of my journey! That sounds better. And along the way, I can give tips on weight loss! Yes, that’ll work. Okay, I’m blabbering on again. I’ll post again soon!

Lots of love! X


Views All Over The World!

Hey Guys!

This post is mainly dedicated to my viewers and followers, because without you guys, I wouldn’t be a blogger! When I wake in the the morning and find I’ve had views from the UK and another country, I can’t help but smile! My blog is one of my ways of expressing myself and connecting with other people. And being a culture enthusiast and knowing I’ve had views from United States, Vietnam, Romania, France and so much more it brightens my mood! So thank you everyone for reading my content, liking my posts and following!

I also want to thank my viewers in UK (A.k.a. Home). It feels good to know that you guys are reading, it really encourages me to write. Before I started blogging, I was really shy and was afraid of even posting a status on social media. But since I’ve started blogging, I’ve become more confident and determined to express myself and share my stuff!

It really means a lot to me and I’m happy to say that I’ve changed for the good! So thank you all!!!! XD 🙂

I hope you all stick around for my next posts that I have lined up, that I hope you all enjoy! And thanks again for reading my material!

Lots of love!

Thank (2).png


At…Last….(0_0) My Pokémon Has Come Home!

Hey guys!

Please don’t ask about the title okay, I’ve had Etta James in my head for the past hour XD Anyway, so the latest rave/trend is all about Pokémon Go! and nearly everyone is playing it. It’s become so popular that the game has crashed multiple times and it has become difficult to create a character due to its popularity. I am indeed guilty for having the game and I must say, it’s really addictive. I’m level 7 and I have over 40 Pokémon… am I sad? Nope. But this game is very effective if you need an excuse to go for a jog or walk. For me though, my nearest pokéstore is 2 miles away which helps me in two ways: Exercise!! (I’m not as enthusiastic about exercising as you think…XD) and I can hatch my eggs!! Problem is, is that when I walk 2 miles to hatch an egg, I always get a Pidgey…a Pidgey guys.

This…this is a Pidgey.

Some of you are probably saying “Yo! Whats wrong with a Pidgey?” You want to know whats wrong? I have 13 of them, that’s whats wrong and I’m tired of getting the same Pokémon you know?XD I want something different that I haven’t caught yet. And that pokéstop I was talking about, it actually doesn’t work 0_0. It’s sad I know…very sad XD. But hey! Enough of my ranting. What I would like to know is how many Pokémon trainers there are out there? Quite a lot, most likely.

My first Pokémon was Bulbasaur! But I didn’t pick him purposely though, my phone began to freeze and chose for me XD Maybe it was a sign?…..nah. I’ve only just realized how long this post is..XD Have fun reading guys! I won’t write for too long because I have a habit of really getting into something and not stopping. For example: If you guys aren’t careful, this post will turn into a novel XD

Lots of love x

P.s. I think Bulbasaur is really cute.

I mean look! he  looks like he has a cabbage on his back!!!

P.p.s: Bulbasaur can be a boy or girl so lets just pretend its a boy 🙂

Where Have I Been? Eating, Sleeping, Losing Weight..Wait! What?!

Hey Guys!

I’ve decided to really have a go at losing weight mainly because of how insecure I feel when I go out and when I wear clothes that are not so flabby friendly..XD  I decided to take action a few days ago when I purchased from a Juice plus+ mentor who sold me boosters. I have to take one sachet three times a day. You take one 30 minutes before breakfast, 30 minutes before lunch and 30 minutes before dinner. Although the taste in not so great, it reduces hunger and will give an energy boost! I’m one for food and I get hungry often due to my stomach being used to big meals, and I started these boosts today and I found that I wasn’t as hungry as I usually am, and I had a boost of adrenaline that helped me tidy the whole house XD

I was told to take the boosters differently than what it says so you don’t taste the powder because its certainly not nice! It says to pour the contents into a glass of water, dissolve it, then drink it, but instead I pour some water into my mouth and pour half the content in and swallow to not get much taste. Then I do it again with the other half and TA-DA! Its over and done with in less than 10 seconds. But if any of you guys do boosters then do it what ever way makes you feel comfortable. Okay?

I have about 85 sachets to get through and if it works out well then I will do another post to show you guys my transformation! Also Juice Plus can be used by anyone. A friend of mine is a mentor of Juice Plus and she told me how there are men who have joined, pregnant women and a few epilepsy sufferers. Teens can do it too but to purchase the boosters, shakes, and capsules, parents will have to purchase them. There is also a Facebook page where people can ask questions about Juice Plus and share healthy, delicious recipes and meet new people under going the diet. I’m not one for diets to be honest or exercise for that matter but I have never been so determined before!

I have three events taking place at the end of this year that I plan to lose weight for. I have a concert in September to go see MYNAME and I get to meet them afterwards. I also plan to go see Block B in October and of course back to school at the end of August where I hopefully wont feel uncomfortable wearing a skirt! XD. I’ve had weight troubles for years now and with prom round the corner, I want to wear a dress and not feel like a barell. I also want to go shopping with out feeling intimidated and down when I see a beautiful dress that I know I couldn’t fit in. For 4 years I’ve been fighting my weight, by that I mean I started loosing weight then suddenly stopped because of something and gained it all back again. But this time when I lose weight I will keep going until I get my dream bod 😉 If there is anyone out there struggling with weight loss and want to talk about it to someone, then I’m your girl! 🙂 Just private message me on Facebook or Twitter and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. We are all in this together guys!

Lots of love! x