Dancing, Dancing And More Dancing!

Hey guys!

I’ve been on a hunt for a really good song with an amazing dance choreography so I could do a cover for my YouTube channel that I will be starting up soon. I have a few ideas, like Justin Bieber ‘Sorry’ or Beyoncé ‘Single Ladies’ or even BTS ‘Dope’. But the truth is, I’m stuck! I have no clue on what to do and I need you guys to help me!

I plan to learn something that is both enjoyable and heart racing, so while I’m having a good time, I’ll also be burning calories! So its a WIN-WIN! Anyway, have any of you guys got any ideas? A friend of mine on Facebook is part of a KPOP society at a University ( I will not mention due to privacy terms. Sorry guys!) and they do dance covers of K-pop songs and I think they are very good and quite talented 😉 They did one on ‘BIGBANG Bang Bang Bang’ and judging by their performance you can tell how hard they have worked to put on a good show and that each and everyone of them has a talent they can share. I also love their determination and courage through out the video. It is scary to perform in front of an audience as well as a camera. Believe me, I know XD

Here is a video of their cover! Enjoy~!

This is the kind of thing I want to do! But in a dance studio with maybe a few tutorials 😉 I think I mostly want to do covers because its a way I like to express myself. I’ve always loved dancing, ever since I was young. Everyone has something they love to do that expresses themselves. Like cooking, art, reading, music etc…

I know this is a short post and I’m sorry! I have school in the morning ( Unfortunately..) and I have a lot of things on my ‘To Do List’ I have to complete this week since I have been saying to myself I would but keep forgetting or simply not up for the task XD I’ll post again soon! ( Of course I will, with summer holidays coming up, I wont have a reason not too!)

Lots of love!!



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