That One Time I Wore A Bright Pink Jacket To The Zoo…

Hey guys!

So a few months ago in April, me and my family went to Howletts Zoo in Canterbury, that was amazing! There was open-topped monkey enclosures, Lions & tigers, an elephant tribe, and lots of other animals you could get close too! Which leads me to the rhino’s….

Basically the rhino’s have their own paddock with a metal fence separating us from them. And I was minding my own business, frolicking around in my luminous pink jacket..when it happened. I never ran so fast in my life..

Do you think rhinos are linked to bulls? You know when they see the color red and charge but for a rhino it’s pink? You can guess what happened. Big, male rhino did not like my jacket at all. He charged full pelt at me and lets just say if that fence wasn’t there then I would of been like road kill. Squashed on the floor like a pancake. Nothing but a whoopee cushion. Although I did get charged at, it isn’t something I would be affraid of going back to. I’ll just remember to wear something a lot less luminous..XD

Okay guys so this is a short post I know, but it has been on my mind strangely enough and I had to share it with you! If you guys have had any past experiences that were funny or scary at the zoo, I would love to hear about them! Lots of love!


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