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Dancing, Dancing And More Dancing!

Hey guys!

I’ve been on a hunt for a really good song with an amazing dance choreography so I could do a cover for my YouTube channel that I will be starting up soon. I have a few ideas, like Justin Bieber ‘Sorry’ or Beyoncé ‘Single Ladies’ or even BTS ‘Dope’. But the truth is, I’m stuck! I have no clue on what to do and I need you guys to help me!

I plan to learn something that is both enjoyable and heart racing, so while I’m having a good time, I’ll also be burning calories! So its a WIN-WIN! Anyway, have any of you guys got any ideas? A friend of mine on Facebook is part of a KPOP society at a University ( I will not mention due to privacy terms. Sorry guys!) and they do dance covers of K-pop songs and I think they are very good and quite talented 😉 They did one on ‘BIGBANG Bang Bang Bang’ and judging by their performance you can tell how hard they have worked to put on a good show and that each and everyone of them has a talent they can share. I also love their determination and courage through out the video. It is scary to perform in front of an audience as well as a camera. Believe me, I know XD

Here is a video of their cover! Enjoy~!

This is the kind of thing I want to do! But in a dance studio with maybe a few tutorials 😉 I think I mostly want to do covers because its a way I like to express myself. I’ve always loved dancing, ever since I was young. Everyone has something they love to do that expresses themselves. Like cooking, art, reading, music etc…

I know this is a short post and I’m sorry! I have school in the morning ( Unfortunately..) and I have a lot of things on my ‘To Do List’ I have to complete this week since I have been saying to myself I would but keep forgetting or simply not up for the task XD I’ll post again soon! ( Of course I will, with summer holidays coming up, I wont have a reason not too!)

Lots of love!!



My Community Prize Evening

Hey guys!

So today I had my community prize evening at school, where students who teachers of different subjects think have done well through out the year get an award at a ceremony that’s held after school hours that parents are invited to. This was my very first Prize Evening and I was really excited! I was told I had got an award in March and I had to choose a book from Waterstones that would be bought by the school and given to me at Prize Evening. So I chose a book. It’s a very good book. Well actually…I may of lied about it being a book…it’s actually a manga..but a very good one. For Prize Evening, I chose…this:

AHHHHHHHH! When my book arrived in the library with my name on it, I was like hvbjhvbjhvbhvbofvhefvb! This was last week I think?? I REALLY wanted to read it since I had finished the other three ages ago. (Which were also really good!) And my friend Nathan really wanted his book too (I think it is written by a famous YouTuber? I’m not sure who though XD ) He was going ‘I really want my book Emily.. I can’t wait for it!’ And grabbing my arm just to emphasize how excited he actually was, but I can’t say much because I was doing exactly the same XD

The ceremony started at 6’o clock and ended at 6:30pm. It was so nerve wrecking! Everyone staring at you and your worrying your going to trip on the stairs to the stage or your going to do that weird thing when you go to shake the Headmasters hand and you don’t know what hand to shake so you do that weird thing when you offer both your hands. You know what I mean? XD But the most embarrassing for me was the title of my prize that my learning leader spoke out loud along with my name and subject I got my prize for.. I got my prize for Art which I am very grateful for and the title is the most oddest title you could get. Everyone else got awards like ‘The Harvard award for Science or The Edinburgh award for Mathematics’ and what did I get? Only the best title ever! I got ‘The DribbleyDrops award for Art’….I thought it was great! XD Of course there were some sniggers from the crowd but I could not stop smiling. It was really good and I plan to work hard next year so I can hopefully gain another award and get another manga!! XD

I hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it! Now I hope you don’t mind but I’m going to go and read my manga! 😉

See ya!!


Just so you guys know how happy I am to have my manga!!!! XD

That One Time I Wore A Bright Pink Jacket To The Zoo…

Hey guys!

So a few months ago in April, me and my family went to Howletts Zoo in Canterbury, that was amazing! There was open-topped monkey enclosures, Lions & tigers, an elephant tribe, and lots of other animals you could get close too! Which leads me to the rhino’s….

Basically the rhino’s have their own paddock with a metal fence separating us from them. And I was minding my own business, frolicking around in my luminous pink jacket..when it happened. I never ran so fast in my life..

Do you think rhinos are linked to bulls? You know when they see the color red and charge but for a rhino it’s pink? You can guess what happened. Big, male rhino did not like my jacket at all. He charged full pelt at me and lets just say if that fence wasn’t there then I would of been like road kill. Squashed on the floor like a pancake. Nothing but a whoopee cushion. Although I did get charged at, it isn’t something I would be affraid of going back to. I’ll just remember to wear something a lot less luminous..XD

Okay guys so this is a short post I know, but it has been on my mind strangely enough and I had to share it with you! If you guys have had any past experiences that were funny or scary at the zoo, I would love to hear about them! Lots of love!

I’m Sorry For My Absence!

Hey guys!

So I realized that I hadn’t posted for nearly a month and felt really bad…I’m sorry!! I had my GCSE Statistics exam to revise for and I have been preparing for a new year at school..which is also my last year, before I leave to go to college! I also may of lost my battery pack for my laptop. I looked everywhere for it, only to find it under my bed.. the most easiest place to look! Before I was like ‘It won’t be under there is no point looking..’ When I found it ‘ Why am I looking? I know its not under there…Here it is!’

Anyway! How has everyone been? How was everyone’s weekend? I’ve had a very good weekend! Yesterday, I met up with one of my old friends from primary school. Her name is Chloe, and she is an amazing friend! We went to see Ice Age-Collision Course XD It was actually a good movie and I enjoyed every bit of it! Then we went to Starbucks, where I bought a mango passion juice which was very delicious, I recommend it! We chilled by the window of Starbucks and had a catch up of life, like how school is and how our friends are, you know the usual 😉

I then told her about my blog and K-Pop..XD At first she was like…0-0 But when she listened to BIGBANG Fantastic Baby she admitted that it sound better than she thought it would, which is a bonus! Today we met up, had a game of football then we went back to her house and painted a canvas that she wanted to decorate with photographs for her parents. It was good to meet up with old friends, share memories and new experiences! It is good to keep in contact with your friends. I did and it was the best decision I ever made.

Okay so I hope you all enjoyed this and I will be posting again soon! Lots of love!

P.S. If your wondering what a Mango Passion juice is, here you go!

It is really good stuff XD