The One…The Ultimate…Lady’s And Gentleman, I Give You… Thorpe Park!

Why hello there fellow readers and bloggers!

Has anyone been to Thorpe Park? If so, whats your favorite ride???? (I’m intrigued….XD)

Thorpe Park is my favorite resort in England, mostly because of its fast roller coasters that leave you with adrenaline pumping through your veins! Some of you might be wondering why I’m writing this post, it’s because a few days ago, me and my friend were talking about our trip to Thorpe Park this June, and another one of my friends asked what Thorpe Park is like because they had never been and I was like…..WHHAAATTT!

So any way, this post is mostly about the rides, but there will be a second post about other attractions there, so don’t worry guys!

Okay so I hope you enjoy!


One of the best roller coasters I have EVER been on. You’re shot 203ft into the air at a boost of 80 mph in 1.9 seconds! Might not seem that scary but when you’re close and personal. You won’t forget it. (I nearly pooped my pants at the G-force and the speed…)

2. Colossus

Colossus is one of the greatest roller coasters to have ever been built at Thorpe Park! With a world record of a 10 looping track, you reach speeds of up to 45 mph and you have to endure a cork-screw at the end of the ride! (I went on this straight after I had eaten…Worst.Mistake.Ever.)

3. SAW

SAW is the first horror themed coaster in the world and is well known for its steep drop. From swinging axes to spiraling blades, SAW is not for the light hearted. (I didn’t realize the drop, so when I was mid-sentence, my voice broke from the sudden drop in the dark..) XD

4. Nemesis Inferno

Nemesis Inferno is a steel inverted coaster of which your legs are dangling and you ride up to 50 mph and fly up to 29 meters into the sky! ( I really liked this ride! It was good since me and my sisters all posed for the camera without telling each other, to then nearly pee ourselves from the photo outcome) XD

5. Swarm



Not only does Swarm go forwards, it’s got backward seats too! This thrilling winged coaster reaches up to 26 mph and stretches up to 30 meters high.

6. Tidal Wave

Even though this isn’t a coaster, it is still awesome! Rising up to 26 meters and dropping at 44 mph, this water ride is great for water lovers and creating a very big splash! (I wish I had brought a spare change of clothes…..)

Okay coaster lovers! This is all for now, but I will update with a new post soon!

See Ya!!!


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