Chores, Chores And More Chores.

Hey guys!

Do you guys hate chores? I do. So I thought I would write about how to make it easier for you all!

You know how it can be boring to tidy the house? And just leaves you wanting to not do the chores more and more. Believe me, I have it all the time. So I started to experiment ways to keep myself occupied and this is what I have tried:

Listening to music

Listening to music is a natural remedy for taking your mind off of things. From Travelling to sleeping, music is known for its relaxing atmosphere it creates and is often listened to, to express peoples emotions or to relate to a person.

Watch A good movie

In my case I would watch Nightmare Before Christmas because I absolutely love it! Watching a good movie can easily take your mind off of what you are doing and can put you in a good mood! But try not to get to focused on the film, otherwise you won’t get anything done!

Make a ‘To Do List’

Although a ‘To Do List’ doesn’t sound fun, it helps you keep track of everything you have done and what you haven’t. But once you start that list, you will start to find yourself closer and closer to finishing.

I tried all of these and they ALL work. So give it a try and let me know how you get on! Even though this is all I have so far, I promise to post again soon!

See Ya!



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