The Walking Dead Season 1 Review(May contain spoilers and graphic content)

The Walking dead is my favorite TV series and always will be! I could watch it all day, everyday and re-watch seasons I’ve already seen because, I love it so much! In every episode there is blood, and guts galore! So if your into that stuff or you’re just looking for something new to watch, then The Walking Dead is the right TV series for you!

Now I’m guessing for those of you who haven’t seen The Walking Dead, your probably wondering. What exactly is The Walking Dead about???

Well my friends. You have come to the right post!

The Walking Dead is about a brutal virus that breaks out all over the world where if people are bitten they would die and return as one of the dead ( Brainzzz YUM!!!). How do you kill a zombie in The Walking Dead? Easy. BOOM HEAD-SHOT. This bone chilling horror, starts off with a deputy sheriff Rick Grimes played by Andrew Lincoln.

Rick is the main character in this deadly show where he wakes up in an abandoned hospital after being shot by a car hijacker. When Rick returns home, he finds his neighborhood empty as well as his family gone. After Rick is rescued by a survivor called Morgan and his son Dwayne, he embarks on a mission to re-unite with his family before learning a few things that has happened while he was gone..(you know the usual. Humanity is gone and it is the end of civilization. Nothing to worry about..XD)

I’m not going to say much, just in case I get to wrapped up in explaining this awesome series that I end up blurting out a spoiler! (Don’t worry guys. I won’t say a thing!)

So anyway, when I first heard of The Walking Dead I was like…eh. But after watching the first episode I couldn’t help but watch another then another until I had myself waiting for the next season in October!(cough cough addiction cough cough) So far The Walking Dead has filmed 6 seasons of 6-17 episodes and has successfully hauled up a great number of viewers for each episode! The season 6 premier got 19.5 million views!!! Now that is a lot if you ask me. Okay, now you can see how popular this series is!

The first episode had me like…I need this in my life! And there have been a few episodes that have made me not want to watch it because something has happened or something might happen!

Character time!

Who is your favorite in The Walking Dead? I have a number of favorites. Some I can’t mention because they do not appear until later seasons.

Daryl Dixon

Awesome with a crossbow (kicks butt). And is very sarcastic and cocky…but kind at heart.


T-Dog is an awesome character too! He is really kind and kicks butt at the same time!

Glenn Rhee

Glenn is one of my favorites because he is a funny character who develops from a guy delivering pizzas to a courageous, out of the box thinking, zombie destroyer who is great at head shots and creating plans for the group.

Alright guys! This is all for my season 1 review but If you guys enjoyed it then I will go on to writing a post about season 2 and so forth!  (That is if I haven’t been eaten by zombies or anything….)

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I will try to post more! (That is if life doesn’t get in the way…Stupid life.)

See Ya!







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